Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Country Gentlemen - Live 1961

Here is a live show of the Country Gentlemen at the Shamrock Room in the West End Shopping Center in Falls Church, VA on December 1, 1961. The interesting thing about this show is that the banjo player is Walter Hensley, not Eddie Adcock. I hope all you Gentlemen fans will enjoy this show. I'm sorry to say that most of the stage talk was not recorded, just the music.

Charlie Waller - guitar
John Duffey - mandolin
Walter Hensley - banjo
Tom Grey - bass

Miller's Cave
Foggy Mountain Chimes
Sunny Side of Life
Love Letters in the Sand
Weeping Willow
Two Lonely Hearts
Long Black Veil
That Was Before I Met You
Laura Lie
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
Wildwood Flower
Nine Pound Hammer
Little Bessie
Aching Heart
Little Maggie
Save it, Save it
Daddy Don't Go to the Mine
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Panhandle Country
Could You Love Me One More Time
Two Little Boys
That's When I Miss You Most
New Freedom Bell
Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mtn Boys 1967

Here's one of Ralph Stanley's first LP after the death of his brother Carter.

Ralph Stanley - banjo, fingerpicked mandolin
Larry Sparks - lead guitar
Curly Ray Cline - fiddle
Curley Lambert - mando
Melvin Goins - rhythm guitar
Jack Lynch - bass

Knoxville Girl
John Henry
Poor Ellen Smith
East Virginia Blues
Long Journey Home
Going Around this World
Chicken Reel
Mississippi Sawyer
Bonnie and Clyde Hop
Cacklin Hen
Going Down Town

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fa Sol La Singers - Led by J.J. Davis

Here's a really great shaped-note singing record. This is not a sacred harp record, because the singers here are using the Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si syllables. I'm not sure which book utilized those syllables or what the shapes would have been for those; especially the syllable "Si."

Anyway, this is a great record and a very rare one. In fact, it is possible that this is the only known copy of this 78. So, consider yourself priviledged to be able to hear this one. It's really nice singing.

Jesus Walks with Me
Rejoicing on the Way

Friday, October 23, 2009

Allen Sisson - Complete Recorded Works

Well, I think it's about darn time I put up another post here. I've been dealing with the record transferer's burn-out here lately.

Thanks to fellow collector, Kilby Spencer, I now have the complete recorded works of Allen Sisson. Born August 31, 1873, he is one of the oldest recorded old time fiddlers in America. He was originally from Fannin County, GA but spent a good many years in Ducktown, TN.

I have taken a lot of time with these recordings to assure that they are at the correct speed. There is a little bit of variance in them, but they are quite close to where they should be. I hope that you all will enjoy these sides.

Edison session pianist, John F. Burckhardt, is Sisson's backup on these sides.

February 25, 1925 New York, NY Edison Session
3 sides
February 26, 1925 New York, NY Edison Session
7 sides

I've reuploaded the file, hopefully the problems are gone.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Jess Johnston & Jess Hillard - Superior 2760

Here's an extremely rare 78. This is fiddler Jess Johnston from West Virginia playing the piano and singing and Jess Hillard playing guitar with him. The flip side is just Jess Hillard.

These sides were recorded by Gennett Records in Richmond, IN in the latter part of 1931. The record was released on January 30, 1932 and kept in print until August 31, 1932. Total sales figures for this release were 341 copies. To my knowledge, this record has never been reissued, so this is the only place you can get it. So treasure this one! Not only is it rare, but it's GOOD!!!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bailes Bros - Homer and Johnnie

Well, finally I'm getting around to doing another post here. I hope that no one had given up on me.

Here are a couple of albums of Johnnie and Homer Bailes' radio transcriptions from KWKH.
This is some really nice stuff. Sadly, there was reverb added when these were issued on LP, but I hope that most of you can overlook that in light of such wonderful music.

Volume 1
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat
Silver Trumpet
Tell Me Now or Tell Me Never
That Beautiful Picture
Remember Me
I Love Her More Now Mother's Old
It's So Hard to Smile
I'll Shout and Shine
Roadside Rag
Remember Me
The White Dove
I Can't Help It If I Cry
I Need the Prayers
Remember Me (outro)
Remember Me (intro)
Remember Me (whole song)
Train No. 111
You'll Understand
I've Got My One Way Ticket

Volume 2
Thank God For a Mother Like Mine
Come to the Saviour
The Letter I Never Mailed
Has the Devil Got a Mortgage on You
The Gloryland Way
My Heart Echoes
John Henry
I Saw the Light
Pretty Flowers
You Can't Go Halfway and Get In
Sinner Kneel Down and Pray
Tramp on the Street
Will the Angels Have a Sweetheart

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mainer Corrections

I just thought I should make another post to make sure everyone knew that I reuploaded all the files that folks have been having trouble with.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wade Mainer's Mountaineers

Here's all of Wade Mainer's Bluebird recordings. This post will complete all of the Mainer Bluebird recordings. Even though Wade didn't use this name, I've chosen to title this as Wade Mainer's Mountaineers, because the it just seems appropriate. Wade used a couple of names such as "Sons of the Mountaineers" and "Smiling Rangers." Most of the Montgomery Ward issues of Mainer records (including JE) just listed them as Mainer's Mountaineers with no distinction between J.E.'s group and Wade's group so it can be confusing. If you would like the details on which sessions are by which group names and all, see pp. 582-585 in Country Music Records by Tony Russell. Special thanks to Kilby for these recordings.

I have re-uploaded parts 1 and 3 due to unzipping issues.

February 14, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Come Back to Your Dobie Shack
Just as the Sun Went Down
What Would You Give in Exchange
A Leaf From the Sea
Brown Eyes
Maple on the Hill Part 2
Going to Georgia
Nobody's Darling But Mine
Mother Came to Get Her Boy From Jail
Where the Red, Red Roses Grow

June 15, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Cradle Days
Gathering Flowers From the Hills
My Mother Is Waiting
If I Could Hear My Mother
Nobody's DArling On Earth
Shake Hands With Mother

October 12, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
They Said My Lord Was a Devil
Won't Somebody Pal With Me
Hop Along Peter
Just One Way to the Peraly Gates
Dear Daddy You're Gone
Been Foolin' Me, Baby
I'll Be a Friend of Jesus
Cowboy's Pony in Heaven
Old Sam's Soda Commercial

February 16, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Little Birdie
Always Been a Rambler
Starting Life Anew with You
Little Rosebuds
Train Carry Me Girl Back Home
In the Land Beyond the Blue
A Change All Around
Short Life and It's Trouble

August 2, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Dying Boy's Prayer
Free Again
Answer to Two Little Rosebuds
I'm Not Turning Backward
Riding on that Train Forty-Five
Little Maggie
Little Pal
Down in the Willow
Garden of Prayer
Ramshackle Shack
Memory Lane
Wild Bill Jones
I Want to be Loved

August 3, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
What Are You Going to Do Brother
Companions Draw Nigh
Mountain Sweetheart
Don't Forget Me, Little Darling

January 27, 1938 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Lonely Tomb
Pale Moonlight
All My Friends
Since I Met My Mother in Low
Don't Get Too Deep in Love
Don't Leave Me Alone
I Won't Be Worried
Where Romance Calls
Another Alabama Camp Meetin'
Mitchell Blues

September 26, 1938 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Farther Along
Dear Loving Mother and Dad
Can't Tell About These Women
That Kind
If I Had Listened to Mother
She is Spreading Her Wings For a Journey
The Same Old You to Me
Life's Evening Sun
Mother Still Prays For You Jack
You're Awfully MEan to Me
Home in the Sky
A Little Love
North Carolina Moon
More Good Women Gone Wrong

Febrary 4, 1939 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Sparkling Blue Eyes
We Will Miss Him
I Left My Home in the MOuntains
I Met Her at a Ball One Night
You May Forsake Me
Look On and Cry
One Little Kiss
Mama, Don't Make Me Go to Bed
Crying Hold
Heaven Bells Are Ringing

August 21, 1939 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Sparkling Blue Eyes No. 2
The Poor Drunkard's Dream
Were You There
The Gospel Cannon Ball
The Great and Final Judgment
What A Wonderful Saviour is He
What Not Make Heaven Your Home
Mansions in the Sky
Not a Word of That Be Said
Drifting Through an Unfriendly World

September 29, 1941 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Shake My Mother's Hand For Me
Anywhere Is Home
I Can Tell You the Time
He Gave His Life
Ramblin' Boy
The Precious Jewel
Old Ruben
Precious Memories

Here are the download links:

The Happy Go Lucky Boys

Here is the complete recorded works of the Happy Go Lucky Boys. These guys were actually Wade Mainer's Sons of the Mountaineers, but they recorded these 6 sides without Wade as the Happy Go Lucky Boys. This is really great music. Enjoy! Special thanks to Kilby for these recordings.

Jay Hugh Hall - gtr, vox
Clyde Moody - mando, gtr, vox
Steve Ledford - fiddle

February 5, 1940 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Darling, I'm Still In Love With You
No Letter In the Mail Today
Come Back, Sweetheart
I Hope She's Satisfied
Happy-Go-Lucky Breakdown
Whatcha Gonna Do With the Baby

Click Here to Download:

J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers Bluebird Sides

Here is the complete recorded commercial output of J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers from 1935 to 1939. This is all really great stuff.

If you want personnel for these sessions, see pp. 581-583 in Discography of Country Music by Tony Russell. Special thanks to Kilby for these recordings.

I've re-uploaded 1935-1936 due to unzipping issues. Y'all let me know if the problem still persists.

August 6, 1935 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Ship Sailing Now
This World is Not My Home
Maple on the Hill
Take Me in the Lifeboat
Seven and a Half
New Curly Headed Baby
Let Her Go God Bless Her
City on the Hill
The Longest Train
Write a Letter To Mother
Lights in the Valley

Febuary 14, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Goin' Back West in the Fall
New Lost Train Blues
I Am Walking in the Light
Don't Cause Mother's Harl to Turn Grey
When I Reach My Home Eternal
Fatal Wreck on the Bus
Behind the Parlor Door
One to Love Me

June 15, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
On a Cold Winter Night
John Henry Was a Little Boy
The Old and Faded Picture
Take Me Home to the Sweet Sunny South
Walk that Lonesome Valley
Got A Home in that Rock
Johnson's Old Grey Mule
Won't Be Worried Long
Goin Down to the River of Jordan
Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls?
Down Among the Budded Roses
Watermelon on the Vine

August 5, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
We Can't Be Darlings Anymore
Tell Mother I'll Meet Her
In a Little Village Churchyard
Carry Your Cross With a Smile
Swing th Door of You Hear Open Wide
Answer to Greenback Dollar
There's a Green Hill Far Away
Miss Me When I'm Gone
Floating Down the Stream of Time
Don't Go Out
Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
Kiss Me Cindy

January 23, 1938 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Your Best Friend is Always Near
Lamp Lighting Time in Heaven
When the Light's Gone Out In Your Soul
I Once Loved a Young Man
Somebody Cares
I'm Living the Right Life Now
Just Over int he Gloryland
I'm in the Gloryland Way
If I Lose, Let Me Lose
Great Reaping Day
Oh Why Did I Ever Get Married
Back to Johnson City

February 4, 1939 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Drunkard's Hiccoughs
Country Blues
I'm a Poor Pilgrim (I'm missing this side. If anyone has it, let me know)
Concord Rag

Here are the download links:
Sorry, but these are now available on cd. Check them out at

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Tweedy Brothers

Charles and Harry Tweedy 1930

Here is a good batch of the Tweedy Brothers' commercial recordings. There were all recorded in Richmond, Indiana for Gennett Records. If anyone has any more of these, please let me know.

June 14, 1924
4 sides

January 15, 1925
2 sides

March 1928
8 sides

June 17, 1928
2 sides

May 21, 1930
2 sides

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fiddlin' Arthur Smith at home

Photo courtesy of Don Clark and the Bluegrass Bus.

Here's some of the best recordings of Arthur Smith that I think I've ever heard. His fiddling on these recordings is absolutely incredible. Sadly, the recording quality is really bad, I think from dubbing over and over. Judging from how good Arthur is fiddling here, I really think that these recordings were made in the mid, maybe early 1950s. I'm sure that y'all will enjoy these!

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've posted anything. My life has been extremely busy in the last 2 months, and I've been out of town alot of that time. I actually got these recordings from a friend while I was out of town last week. If there is anyone out there has better dubs of these, please let me know.

Arthur Smith - fiddle, vox
Ernest Smith - guitar

Walking in My Sleep
Red Wing
Indian Creek
Florida Blues
Dill Pickle Rag
Sally Goodwin
Sail Away Ladies
Bound to Ride
Sweet Sixteen on Sunday
Bonaparte's Retreat
Freight Train Moan
Dixie Stomp
Dickson County Breakdown
Hickory Leaf
Evening Shade
Polly Ann
Black Mountain Rag
Katy Hill
Sally Johnson
Fiddler's Dream
Forked Deer
Bill Cheatham
Devil's Dream
Paddy on the Turnpike
Tennessee Wagoner
Arkansas Traveler
Eighth of January
Old Hen Cackle
Pig in the Pen
Leather Britches
Sugar Tree Stomp
Turkey in the Straw
Listen to the Mockingbird
Whistling Rufus
Wednesday Night Waltz
Chicken Reel
Soldier's Joy
Buck Creek Gal
Twinkle Little Star

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fiddlin' Arthur Smith and Earl Scruggs

This was recorded at Arthur Smith's house in 1957.

Dixie Stomp
You Are Always on My Mind
Sugar Tree Stomp
Smith's Rag
Freight Train Moan
Dixon County Blues
Red Apple Rag
Cheatham County Breakdown
Cheatham County Breakdown #2
Old Joe
Billy In the Low Ground
New Money
Ain't Gonna Rain No More
Whistling Rufus
Casey Jones
Hell Among the Yearlings
Katy Hill
Blackberry Blossom
Love Letters in the Sand
Little Darling
The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
Fiddler's Dream
Tennessee Wagoner
Hickory Lee
Bill Cheatham
Dusty Miller
Cumberland Gap
Turkey in the Straw
Wink the Other Eye
Uncle Joe
Chicken Reel
Ragtime Annie
Listen to the Mocking Bird
Lost Train Blues

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Four Virginians

Here is the complete recorded works of the Four Virginians. I posted an 8-track a couple of months ago of a later generation of this group that featured the same fiddler Richard Bigger. I hope you will enjoy their early Okeh recordings!

Richard Bigger - fiddle
Leonard Jennings - tiple
Elvin Bigger - gtr and vox
Fred Richards - guitar
unidentifed - calls

Swing Your Partner
Promenade All
New Coon in Town
One Is My Mother
Two Little Lads

The Four Pickled Peppers

Here is a near complete collection of the Four Pickled Peppers. I'm missing two sides: The Woman I Love and My Little Nappanee. If anyone has these, please let me know.

These fellows were from an area of NC which is now called Eden. This is also the same area in which Charlie Poole lived. The primary guitarist on these sides is Norman Woodlieff who recorded 6 sides with Charlie Poole in 1925. In fact, all of these guys either knew of played with Charlie Poole. Another interesting note is that Lonnie Austin(also a Poole contemporary), the fiddler on the 1939 session was actually supposed to be playing piano on that session. The band had worked up all of their selections with piano breaks and such, but Frank Walker (who was in charge of the session) wouldn't allow a piano in a stringband, so Lonnie had to go get a fiddle from somewhere to do the session. This information comes Lonnie Austin by way of Kinney Rorrer.

Enjoy the Four Pickled Peppers!

Norman Woodlieff - gtr, vox
Esmund Harris - gtr
Hamon Newman - tnr bjo
Dallas Hubbard - bones, vox
Earl Taylor - gtr
Lonnie Austin - fiddle

Sept 30, 1938 Bluebird Session
Somebody's Darling Not Mine
Four Leaf Clover
Thirteen Steps
Poor Old Joe
Come Along Children, Come Along
When I Was a Baby
Bungalow Big Enough for Two
Jolly Group of Cowboys

August 22, 1939 Bluebird Session
I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers
I'm Not Angry With You, Darling
Long Lost Sweetheart
When The Golden Moon is Shining
From Broadway to Heaven
That Wabash Rag
Dill Pickle Rag
Baby Chile
Ramblin' John
She's A Cousin of Mine

Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles

Here is a near complete collection of Wilmer Watts' Paramount Recordings. I am missing two sides: Chain Gang Special and Take This Little Bunch of Roses. If anyone has these, please let me know as I would love to obtain copies of them. I sincerely apologize for the poor quality on some of these sides: When the Roses Bloom Again in particular. This is actually a pretty good copy, but it was just a sorry pressing by the record company. Paramount also owned a furniture factory and they mixed finely ground sawdust into the shellac that they pressed their records on to make the material go further. This is a major contributing factor as to why Paramount's records sound so bad.

Also I will mention: I DO NOT believe in using ANY TYPE of filters to remove hiss or clicks. These devices do nothing but hurt the integrity of the frequency range of the music. I will sometimes use an equalizer, but only in severe cases such as When the Roses Bloom. I get cds and downloads sometimes and it is obvious that the recordings have been filtered in some way. To me, once this is done, I'd just about rather not listen to it at all. The clarity of music is in the high frequencies and you lose that with these blasted filters. And one other thing I need to mention: some of the recordings in this download have been filtered before they came to me, so that is not my doing. Okay, I'm off the soapbox. Enjoy Wilmer!

Special thanks to Robert and Kinney for providing most of these sides.

April 1927 Paramount Session
6 sides

October 1929 Paramount Session
14 sides

Monday, May 25, 2009

Clyde Moody - 40 King sides

Last week on my trip to the north country, I picked up 5 or 6 Clyde Moody King records, all of which were warped and I had to flatten them out in the oven. Once I got them playable I realized what nice stuff Clyde did for King. I've always liked Clyde Moody's singing, and I think that he is one of country's most overlooked artists. Here is a whole bunch of Clyde's King recordings that I hope y'all will enjoy. Special thanks to Jim for providing these sides.

Shenandoah Waltz
There's a Big Rock in the Road
If You Need Me I'll Be Around
Lonely Broken Heart
Next Sunday Darling in My Birthday
Where the Old Red River Flows
Waltz of the Wind
Rockin' Alone in an Old Rocking Chair
Carolina Moon
Red Roses Tied in Blue
That Little Log Cabin of Mine
There's No Room In My Heart For the Blues
The Last Goodbye
Little Blossom
I Waltz Alone
I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome
Blue Mexico Skies
Over the Hill
I Dreamed You Dreamed of Me
Paid in Full
Cherokee Waltz
You'll Never Know What I've Been Through
I Love You Because
I Won't Care A Hundred Years from Now
Tears on My Pillow
It's Too Late To Say You Were Wrong
The Angels Must Have Cried Last Night
Six White Horses
Some Day You'll Remember
The Blues Came Pouring Down
What Can I Do
Beautiful Brown Eyes
You're A Real Sweetheart to Me
West Virginia Waltz
Tend to Your Business
Too Young
I'm Sorry If That's the Way You Feel
She Cooked My Goose

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Del Wood

Pictured above is a Del Wood record that I found last week. I've been needing a reason to post some of her piano playing, so here it is. I've put together all of her records that I have on this post. Enjoy!

Del Wood
Back Room Polka
Ragtime Annie
Ragtime Melody
Nobody's Sweetheart Now

Del Wood and Mr. Goon
Shanty Town
Listen to that Band
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee

Jimmie Skinner

Here's another record that I found this past week. I really like Jimmie Skinner's music. He's one of country music's overlooked artists.....probably because of his timing. Oh well, he's still great!

On the Wrong Side of the Track
You've Been a Little Careless

Red River Dave

I have been travelling for the last week to and from the northern midwest, and in my travels I've ran across a few 78s and LPs. Some of it is definitely worth posting, so that what my next few posts will be. Here's another Red River Dave record. I hope y'all will enjoy it.

Italian Dream Waltz
The Letter Edged in Black

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Southern Melody Boys' Complete Recordings

Two posts back I put up all of the Southern Melody Boys' recordings that I had at the time. Since then, I has acquired dubs of the rest of their records which are extremely rare. Very few folks have heard these sides. They are wonderful and I hope that you all will enjoy them!

(I will delete the previous post once this one is up)

Odus Maggard - banjo, lead vox
Woodrow Roberts - guitar, tenor

Feb. 17, 1937 - Bluebird Session, Charlotte, NC
Down in Baltimore
Dividing Line
Lonesome Scenes of Winter
Tribulation Days
If You See My Saviour
When the Autumn Leaves Fall
Carry Me Over the Tide
Wind the Little Ball of Yarn
Lonely and Sad
Sweet Locust Blossoms
I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers
Back in California

June 9, 1938 Decca Session, Charlotte, NC
When the Spring Roses are Blooming
I Been Here a Long, Long Time
Waiting for the Boatman
I Told the Stars About You

Kenny Baker - Dry and Dusty

I'm sorry I've gone a few weeks without any posts. I was out of town for one week and then just getting back in the daily grind the rest of the time, but nevertheless.... Here's an album I picked up while I was out of town. I hope y'all will enjoy it!

Cinncinati Rag
Dry and Dusty
Jug City
Wednesday Night Waltz
Land of Lincoln
Sally Goodin'
Hollow Poplar
Sweet Bunch of Daisies
Grey Eagle
Happy Time Waltz
Marsha's Reel
Rocky Road to Dublin

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper - Hickory 1043

Here's a great record by Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper. A friend of mine gave me this record a few days ago. Enjoy!

I Want to be Loved
Row Number Two, Seat Number Three

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Riley Puckett - Red Sails in the Sunset

Here's a great album of some of Riley Puckett's pop-esque recordings from 1939-1941. Special thanks to Robert for this album. This is really nice stuff!

16 sides

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Ten Talented Fingers of Jackie Phelps

Here's a great electric guitar album by one of Nashville's most talented and highly overlooked musicians: Jackie Phelps. Jackie played with lots of different artists over the years, but is probably best remembered for his "hambonin" with Jimmie Riddle on Hee Haw. I hope that you'll enjoy this album. Thanks to Robert for the use of this album.

Function at the Junction
Guitar Cannonball
Cottonfield Blues
Y'all Come
Kentucky Rag
Milk Cow Blues
Sugarfoot Guitar
Tennessee Traveller
Old Hickory
Ham and Biscuits
Tennessee Strings
Dixie Jubilee
Catfish and Hushpuppies

Album Cover - Bailes Bros Ave of Prayer

Here is the album cover for one of my early posts: The Bailes Brothers - Avenue of Prayer. I had someone email be a while back asking for this jacket. I was finally able to get a scan of it, so here it is!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Molly O' Day Sings Again

Here's a good album that Molly O'Day recorded in the 1960s after she had retired from performing in the early '50s.

Living the Right Life Now
I'd Like to Talk It All Over With Him
When the Angels Rolled the Stone Away
Travelling the Highway Home
Coming Down from God
I'm Going Home on the Morning Train
I Have But One Goal
I'll Face Nobody's Record But Mine
He Has Called Me By My Name
King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away
I'm Going To Walk Right In
When My Time Comes to Go

Hobart Smith

Here's an album by multi-instrumentalist, Hobart Smith, from Saltville, VA.

Soldier's Joy
Peg and Awl
The Great Titantic
Black Annie and Sally Ann
Chinquapin Pie
Last Chance
John Greer's Tune
Short Life of Trouble
The Devil and the Farmer's Wife
Soldier's Joy
Sitting on Top of the World
Storms are on the Ocean
Bonaparte's Retreat
Cuckoo Bird
Columbus Stockade Blues
The Girl I Left Behind Me
John Hardy
Meet Me in Rose Time, Rosie
Uncloudy Day

I've been informed that this album is still available and you can purchase it here:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright

Here's a nice country record by Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright.

We'll Stick Together
We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds
One by One
Happiness Means You
Living as Strangers
I Can't Stop Loving You
Holding on to Nothing
Heartbreak Waltz
Ashes of Love
You and Me
My Elusive Dreams

Johnny & Jack

Here's a good album by Johnny Wright and Jack Anglin.

When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
You Are My Sunshine
Love Fever
Dream When You're Lonely
I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye
I Never Can Come Back to You
Wedding Bells
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I Don't Mean to Cry
Sweet Lies
No One Will Ever Know

Carl Story - Everybody Will Be Happy

Yet another great gospel record by Carl Story!

Tramp on the Street
Nearer My God to Thee
Hiding Place
Cabin in Glory
He Set Me Free
If We Never Meet Again
Hear Jerusalem Moan
What A Wonderful Saviour
I've Got a Home
Were You There
Long Ago
Everybody Will Be Happy

Carl Story - Get Religion

Here's a fantastic gospel record by Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers. Carl Story is one of the nearly forgotten pioneers of bluegrass music. Enjoy!!

Why Don't You Haul Off and Get Religion
Lord Lead Me On
The Gloryland Way
We Shall Meet Someday
An Empty Mansion
Unclouded Day
New Jerusalem Way
You Can't Believe Everything You Hear
I Feel Like Travelling On
I Can Tell You the Time
Give Me the Roses
Just One Way the Gate

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Louvin Brothers - Country Love Ballads

Here's a great album by the Louvin Brothers.

Are You Wasting My Time
If I Could Only Win Your Love
Read What's In My Heart
I Wonder If You Know
Memories and Tears
On My Way To the Show
My Heart Was Trampled on the Street
She Will Get Lonesome
Red Hen Hop
Send Me the Pillow

Red River Dave

Here's a record I found in the cabinet the other day. Maybe somebody out there is looking for some stuff by this fellow. If I'm not mistaken, this is the guy that wrote Amelia Earhart's Last Ride. Sorry I don't have his cut of that song.

The Red Caboose Behind the Train
The Convict and the Rose

Friday, March 27, 2009

James and Martha

Here's a 78 I dug out of the saggy record cabinet by James and Martha Carson. This is really great old time duet singing.

I Ain't Got Time
There's An Open Door Waiting For Me

White Spirituals - Atlantic LP

Here's a wonderful LP of recordings made by Alan Lomax in the summer of 1959. This record features E.C. and Orna Ball, the Mountain Ramblers, Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, Neil Morris, and Rev. I.D. Back and congregation. If you like old time gospel music, you've got to download this record! Enjoy!

When I Get Home
The Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Baptizing Down at the Creek
Sermon and Lining Hymn
Please Let Me Stay a Little Longer
Father, Jesus Loves You
Lonesome Valley
Father Adieu
The Old Country Church
Little Moses
Cabin on the Hill

Pete Steele

Here's a Folkways record of Kentucky banjo picker, Pete Steele, and his wife Lillie.

Ellen Smith
Little Birdie
The Train a-Pullin'
The Crooked Hill
The Unclouded Day
Shady Grove
Hard Times
Goin' Around This World Baby Mine
East Virginia
The Cuckoo
The War is a Ragin' for Johnny
Coal Creek March
Last Pay Day at Coal Creek
Ida Red
Pretty Polly
The Scoldin' Wife
The House Carpenter

Scotty Stoneman

Here's a great fiddle record by one of bluegrass' forgotten fiddlers. I hope you'll enjoy this!

Wildwood Flower
Low Down Billy
Talkin' Fiddle Blues
Old Joe Clark
Billy In the Lowground
Orange Blossom Hoedown
8th of January
Fire in the Mountain
The Mocking Bird
The Cacklin' Hen

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Walter Hensley

Here's a wonderful banjo album by the great Walter Hensley. This guy is one of the smoothest bluegrass banjo pickers that I have ever heard. Please thanks to Mario for the cover scan.

Walt's Breakdown
The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
Bear Tracks
When You're Smiling
Grandfather's Clock
Kickin' Mule
Steel Guitar Rag
Beer Barrel Polka
Chokin' the Strings
The Old Spinning Wheel
Rose Conley
Long Way From Home

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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Vaughan Quartet

The Vaughan Quartet 1937

Here are some nice recordings of the Vaughan Quartet. Some of these are records from my collection and others are sides that I've found from other sources over the years. These are all from either Victor records or Vaughan records.

Victor Sides
His Charming Love
It's Just Like Heaven
I Want to Go There, Don't You
A Beautiful Life
I Am Happy Now
In Steps of Light
Sunlight and Shadows
My Troubles Will Be Over
When All Those Millions Sing
I'll Never Be Lonesome In Heaven
One at Last
Oh What a Morning
The Master of the Storm

Vaughan Sides
Amazing Grace
Naturalized For Heaven
Forever in Thy Hands
Hallelujah, He is Mine
Help Me Lord To Stand
I Can Tell You the Time
It Will Make Heaven Brighter
It's Just Like Heaven
The Story Grows Sweeter

Montgomery Ward Sides
Heaven All the Way
Walking With My King

Vaughan's Happy Two - Vaughan Sides
Dis Train
Set Down
Forever in Thy Hands
Put My Little Shoes Away

Monday, March 2, 2009

Original Carter Family's Last Performance 1953

There are tons of photos of the Carter Family, but I've never seen one late enough to be really fitting for this post, so I've just decided to post it without a photo. It has been said numerous times in tv documentaries and by people that should know better that the Original Carter Family (AP, Sara, and Maybelle) did not perform together anymore after sometime in the early 1940s. This just isn't so. Here is a live recordings of A.P., Sara, and Maybelle in 1953 performing at a memorial event for Jimmie Rodgers in Meridian, Mississippi.

Apparently, there were quite a few major figures in country music there. Check out this youtube video of Roy Acuff sharing his memories of the Rodgers memorial event in Meridian.

A.P. - spoken intros and bass vocals
Sara - ryhthm guitar and lead vocals
Maybelle - lead guitar and harmony vocals

Anchored in Love
God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign

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Sid Harkreader

Sid Harkreader and Grady Moore

Here is a large majority of Sid Harkreader's commercial recordings. These sides come from the collections of several of my friends who collect pre-war 78s. This is probably the only place that you'll find this many Sid Harkreader recordings in one place, so I hope you'll enjoy hearing them.

Sid Harkreader - Solo Vocalion Session- April 13-15, 1925
The Dying Girl's Message
New River Train
Where is My Boy Tonight
I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
Many Time With You I Wandered
Southern Whistling Coon
Struttin' Round

Sid Harkreader and Grady Moore - Paramount - June 1927
The Bully of the Town
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
Old Joe
John Henry
There's A Little Rosewood Casket
The Gambler's Dying Words
A Picture From Life's Other Side
Where We'll Never Grow Old
Kitty Wells
Way Down In Jail on My Knees
My Little Home in Tennessee
In the Sweet Bye and Bye
The Old Rugged Cross
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
Lazy Tennessee

Sid Harkreader and Blythe Poteet - Paramount - April 1928
Red River Valley
It Won't Be Long Now
Life's Railway to Heaven
He'll Find No Girl Like Me
Sweet Bird
Drink Her Down
Take Me Back to My Old Carolina Home
Wang Wang Blues
Where Is My Mama
Travelling Coon
Chin Music
On the Bowery

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. William Trent and Son

Here is a newly found home recorded 78 RPM acetate disc from the collection of Allen Odom. This is very neat parlor-style banjo picking recorded Feb 2, 1947. If anyone has any info on these folks, please let me know.

Lancashire Klogg & All Coons Look Alike to Me
Halls of Montezuma & Yankee Doodle Dandy

Jim Shumate - Bluegrass Fiddler Supreme

I'm sorry I don't have a jacket scan of this album. I don't know much about it either except that he is being backed up by L.W. Lambert's band which would be L.W. on banjo and Ray Cline on guitar, but the rest are unknown to me. It's a good record though, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Here's a link to some good info on Shumate:

Katy Hill
Paddy on the Turnpike
Mean Old Ramblin Blues
Lost Train Blues
Bound for Sugar Hill
Going Back
Lost Indian
Lee Highway Blues
Smith's Breakdown
Billy in the Lowground
Red Apple Rag
Goin' to Town
Cincinnati Rag

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blue Ridge Partners

Here are a few cuts from some 45s that I found in saggy record cabinet of a hot bluegrass band from the 1970s. These folks really played it right. There are two live cuts here from the 1970 Old Fiddler's Convention: John Henry and Hitchiker's Blues. This has got to be the best version of John Henry I've ever heard. If you don't enjoy this, you don't like bluegrass!

By the way, I just heard that Carl Joiner, fiddler on the 2 live cuts here, passed away in the last week or so.

Wayne Hauser - banjo
Audine Lineberry - bass
Gelene Lowe - guitar
Roy McMillan? - mandolin
Junior Shinault - fiddle
Carl Joiner - fiddle

John Henry
Hitchhiker's Blues
In Such a Short Time
Lonely Man
Up in the High Country

Tater Tate & Billy Edwards

Here's Tater Tate and Billy Edwards' Rimrock LP featuring a bunch of good banjo and fiddle tunes. Personnel is likely the same as the previous LP.

Cobbler's Hop
Sweet Daisy Waltz
Black Mountain Rag
Done Gone
Wake Up Susan
Callin' the Cattle
Waltz You Saved For Me
Johnson's Old Grey Mule
Satan's Dream
Over the Waves
Whistling Rufus
Maple Sugar
Grey Eagle
No Grass Growin'

Tater Tate - Fiddling Favorites of USA & Canada

Here's a great album of fiddle tunes by a fantastic fiddler, Tater Tate. He is backed up on this album by Red Smiley and his Bluegrass Cutups.

Clarence Tate - fiddle
Red Smiley - guitar
Billy Edwards - banjo
Gene Burroughs? - mandolin
John Palmer - bass

Lee Sutton Special
Little Home in West Virginia
Sugar Tree Stomp
Land of Jubilo
Lisa Lynn Waltz
Colonial Breakdown
Gateway Two Step
Teetotalers Reel
Lost Indian
Hell Among the Yearlings
Lone Star Rag
London Hornpipe
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Snow Deer
Maple Sugar
Blue Water Hornpipe
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Chippewa Breakdown
Sugar in the Gourd
Sweet Tater Reel

Sunday, February 22, 2009

H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers

Here are some of Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers' Brunswick recordings from 1929.

Fred Roe - fiddle
Jim E. Smith - fiddle
Frank Williams - fiddle
Frank Wilson - slide guitar
Lonnie Austin - piano
Harry Brown? - mandolin
Jack Reedy? - banjo
Henry Roe - guitar

Golden Slippers
Blue Ridge Ramblers' Rag
Honolulu Stomp
Three O'Clock in the Morning
Repaz Band March
Our Director March
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Lineman's Serenade
Golden Slippers
Old Joe Clark
Who Broke the Lock on the Hen House Door
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Morris Brothers

Here are some of the Morris Brothers commercial recordings for RCA Victor. Some these were issued on Bluebird, Montgomery Ward, and later RCA Victor itself. These recordings span from 1938 to 1946.

Wiley Morris - guitar, lead vox
Zeke Morris - mandolin, tenor vox

Let Me Be Your Salty Dog 1938
Darling Think What You Have Done
Greenback Dollar Part 3
Answer to Blue Eyes
Great Speckled Bird
The Story of Charlie Lawson
My Lord Will Come
He'll Set Your Fields on Fire
Let Me Be Your Salty Dog 1946??
Somebody Loves You Darling
Tragic Romance
Grave Upon the Green Hillside

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spencer Moore - Chilhowie, VA - Oct 30, 2006

Here are some field recordings that I made of Spencer Moore on October 30, 2006. This is my debut on my own blog here. I'm playing the fiddle on these recordings and my friend, Martha Spencer, of Whitetop, VA is playing the banjo. We felt like Spencer was really picking and singing well this day. Hope that all of you enjoy his music.

Spencer Moore - guitar, vox
Martha Spencer - banjo
Jeremy Stephens - fiddle

Jimmy Sutton
Raining on the Mountain
Sally Goodin
Little Maggie
I've Always Been a Rambler
I Saw a Man At the Close of Day
He's Coming to Us Dead
Handsome Molly
Talking about G.B. Grayson's Death
They Go Wild Over Me
Black Snake Blues
Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister
Murder of the Lawson Family
In the Year of '49
Our Baby Boy is Dead
Baby, You're A-throwin' Me Down
Short Life of Trouble
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Cluck Old Hen

The Spring Valley Boys

Here's an album and 4 live recordings by the Spring Valley Boys of Fries, VA.

Bruce Mastin - fiddle
Dale Poe - guitar
Sonny Funk - banjo
Reid Robertson - mandolin
Allen Mastin - bass

Katy Hill
Careless Love
Kentucky Waltz
Lee Highway Blues
Rabbit in the Log
Johnson's Old Gray Mule
Peacock Rag
Coming Around the Mountain
Tennessee Wagoneer
Black Mountain Rag

Fiddler's Convention Live Recordings:
Goodbye Liza Jane
Soldier's Joy
Forked Deer
Sandy River Belle

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Simon Bowes and Carolina Champions

Here's a couple of good 45s of some bluegrass musicians from my area. I don't know much about these records. I'm sorry I don't have a photo to go with these.

Simon Bowes - vocals, ?
Jane Hawker - vocals
Carlton Carver - banjo

Mary Lou Rag
They Poisoned You Mind About Me
Living in a World of Make Believe
Too Deep in Heartaches

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The McGee Brothers & Fiddlin' Arthur Smith

Here's a fine album by Sam & Kirk McGee and Fiddlin Arthur Smith.

Arthur Smith - fiddle, vox
Sam McGee - guitar, vox
Kirk McGee - banjo, vox

Cumberland Gap
Roll on Buddy
Buck Dancer's Choice
Sally Long
Rock House Joe
Polly Ann
Hell Among the Yearlings
Kilby Jail
Coming From the Ball
Dusty Miller
Sixteen on Sunday
Railroad Blues
House of David Blues
Green Valley Waltz
Knoxville Blues
Jim Sapp Rag
Whoop 'Em Up Cindy
Hollow Poplar
Bile 'Em Cabbage Down

Flat Top Pickin' Sam McGee

Here's a great guitar picking album by the late great Sam McGee from Sunny Tennessee.

Sam McGee - guitar, vox
Elmer Boswell - rhythm guitar, vox on cut1
Clifton McGee - bass

Flat Top Pickin' Sam McGee
Buck Dancer's Choice
Won't Happen Again
Victory Rag
When the Wagon Was New
Uncle Fuller
Under the Double Eagle
Railroad Blues
Shut the Door
Sally Long
Cabbage Head
Franklin Blues
Knoxville Blues
Sam's Other Side
Little Texas Waltz