Sunday, October 24, 2010

Early Charlie Poole Influences

Many folks don't always realize the profound influence that early pop music has had on traditional string band and old time music as we know it today. One of the great pioneers of the 78 era of old time music was Charlie Poole. A few years ago, Sony Music issued a box set of 3 cds containing many Charlie Poole recordings and earlier pop recordings of the same songs. This set did a great job demonstrating the influence of early popular music on old time.

Well, just tonight at a friend's house, I heard the record pictured above and was excited to find yet another song that obviously directly influenced Charlie Poole. Charlie had to have either owned a copy of this record himself or heard it numerous times, because in 1929 his band recorded a skit record for Brunswick records in which he performs this version of Turkey in the Straw. I have uploaded a dub of the Harmony 78 and the excerpt from Charlie's record where he sings this Turkey in the Straw.

Its a rare opportunity to be able to listen to something that we can be nearly certain that one of the greats in old time music listened too as well!


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carl Story - Gospel Revival

And one more great Carl Story lp for the night!

Light at the River
I Heard My Name on the Radio
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
When Jesus Spoke to Me
Be Kind to Mother
For My Lord
Angel Band
Family Reunion
Ship That's Sailing Down
I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray
Somone's Last Day
Sweeter Than the Flowers
Somebody Touched Me
Life's Evening Sun

Carl Story - The Bluegrass Sound of C.S.

Here's a bluegrass lp by Carl Story. I hope you'll enjoy this album!

I reuploaded this album 9-9-2010 9:14 PM EST.

Wild Cat
Mocking Banjo
Blackberry Blossom
Riding High
Farewell Blues
Orange Blossom Special
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Bile Them Cabbage Down
No One Knew My Name
Who's That Man
Special Message
Watching the Time

I just reuploaded this for those who asked. 12-28-2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Carl Story - Gospel Revival

Here's a great gospel lp by Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers!

Are You Walking and A-Talking For the Lord
Are You Washed in the Blood
Four Books in the Bible
From Manger to the Cross
God Saved My Soul
God Had a Son in Service
Heaven's Inside
Heaven's My Home
He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
If You Don't Love Your Neighbor
Keep On the Firing Line
When the Pearly Gates Swing Open

Jim Carley & Johnny Adams

Here's an album of some local bluegrasss music that I think y'all will enjoy. I don't know anything about these fellows and can't even remember where I acquired this record, but this is great bluegrass! Enjoy!!

Dim Lights Thick Smoke
Lost All My Money
Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
Tally Ho
Love and Wealth
Why Not Confess
Plant Some Flowers By My Graveside
Foggy Mountain Top
Don't That Road Look Rough and Rocky
Salty Dog Blues
Kiss Me One More Time
Going Back to Old Kentucky

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Milt Appleby

Here's a record I picked up a few weeks ago at a record shop in Kannapolis, NC. This was the only record of any interest to me in the whole shop. This is nice! Enjoy!

St. Anne's Reel
Judique Reel
Big John McNeil
Lord McDonald's
Johnny Waggner
St. Paul Reel
Devil's Dream
Soldier's Joy
Strawberries and Rasberries
Grandfather's Reel
My Little Girl

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abel S. Browning

Here is a very interesting record. This was discovered in a batch of 78s in the last few days by a friend of mine. This is an acetate record that was made March 22, 1938 by Fiddler Abel S. Browning of Oakland, MD. Mr. Browning was 84 years old at the time which means that he would have been born around 1854. He was still playing quite well at this age as you will hear.

All of the tunes here are not familiar to me, except for Arkansas Traveler and Washington March, which bares some similarity to Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine.

I've tried to find some information on him and can nothing online except for a couple references to him made by Pennsylvania fiddler Walter Neal. If anyone knows anything about Mr. Browning, please let me know.

Kimmell's Hornpipe
Bluebells of Scotland
Lackey's Hornpipe
Arkansas Traveler
William's Cotillion
Bloomington Waltz
Heir's Waltz
Washington March
Atlanta Hornpipe

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright

I have been trying for months to put this post together, and finally it is here! This is the complete recorded output of Charlie Parker and Mack Woolbright. Woolbright has gained some noteriety in last few years because of his influence on Earl Scruggs.

These sides were all recorded in two sessions in Atlanta, GA in 1927. There is clawhammer banjo featured on several of these tunes. It is possible that Parker is on banjo on those sides and Woolbright guitar, but it is certain that the 3-finger style picking on these recordings is in indeed Woolbright. This is really fantastic music and singing! ENJOY!!

April 6, 1927 Atlanta, GA Columbia Session
 2 sides

November 10, 1927 Atlanta, GA Columbia Session
4 sides

Green's String Band

Here are 4 out of 11 sides recorded by Green's String Band. This group recorded one session for Gennett Records on Sept. 15, 1930. This is really nice old time parlour music that you are sure to enjoy!

A. Judson Green - fiddle
Herman Green - fiddle
Ila Bassett - guitar
Preston Green - bass fiddle

Glide Waltz
Rickett's Hornpipe
The Widow Hayse

Kentucky Mountain Chorusters

Here's yet another record of unknown musicians. This band recorded two other sides which were rejected by the Gennett company, so these 2 sides are the only issued recordings of this group. Enjoy!

The Great Reaping Day
We'll Understand it Better Bye and Bye

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The Fox Chasers

Here is yet another group of unknown musicians. These folks were from Texas. This record and two other sides were recorded June 11, 1930 in San Antonio, TX.

Red Wing
New Broom

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The Bentley Boys

Here's a great record by a great group that is thought to be from Western North Carolina. No one really knows who the Bentley Boys are, but they had a really great group. This record was recorded Oct. 23, 1929 in Johnson City, TN and is the only record they ever made.

Down on Penny's Farm
Henhouse Blues

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jimmy Gregg

Here are a few really nice sides by Jimmy Gregg. I don't really know anything about these recordings other than the obvious. It's just really nice old time 2-finger banjo picking and singing backed by piano. I assume that Jimmy Gregg is from east Tennessee since this record is on the Kingsport label. Maybe someone out there will know something about Mr. Gregg.

Special thanks to Tom for these recordings.

When the Roses Bloom Again
Yesterday's Rainbow
You'll Never Know I Cried

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greatest Old Time Gospel Hymns LP

Here's a really great album featuring the A.L. Phipps family and other artists. The Phipps family plays in a very similar style to the Original Carter Family, but the neat thing is that they perform a lot of different songs than the Carters did, so it's nice to hear these other songs in the style of the Original Carters. This album also features the Alton Delmore's Brown's Ferry Four, Carl Story, and the Original Carter Family.

For more info on the Phipps Family click here.

Alton Delmore's Brown's Ferry Four - mid 1950s
Peaceful Home
Gonna Row My Boat
The Devil Is Mounted
Gonna Fly Away With Christ

Phipps Family
Life's Evening Sun Is Sinking Low
Never Alone

Carl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers
Light at the River
Mighty Close to Heaven

The Carter Family - cuts from radio transcriptions
Death is Only a Dream
Farther On

Phipps Family
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Shall We Gather At the River
Leaning On the Everlasting Arms
There's a Fountain Filled With Blood
Oh What Is We Fail To Get There
There a Deep Settled Peace in my Soul
I Won't Turn Back
Oh Why Not Tonight
There is Power in the Blood
Lily of the Valley

The Home Folks - Last Chance LP

Here's a nice album by the Home Folks. This band was a regular at the Carter Family Fold's weekend dances in the 1970s and 1980s in Hiltons, VA. I hope y'all will enjoy this album!

Beachard Smith - fiddle and vocal
Will Keys - banjo
Paul Davis - lead guitar
Tom Bledsoe - rhythm guitar

Step Light Ladies
Eighth of January
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Cumberland Gap
Poor Ellen Smith
Moccasin Gap
Sally Anne
Train 45
Old Hen Cackled
Silver Bells
Sharecropper's Son
Rocky Road Blues
Black Dog
Sycamore Shoals
John Henry
Last Chance

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wade Mainer - First Time in Stereo LP

Here's a Wade Mainer album that you don't see very often. I will assume that it was probably Wade's first album for Old Homestead. This album was recorded in November 1971. Interestingly, it is titled "First Time in Stereo," however that is not accurate because Wade and Julia Mainer's last session for King in 1961 that featured Red Wilson on fiddle was recorded in stereo, and it is one of Wade's best sessions in my opinion. It may be that the 1961 King session was never issued in stereo by 1971, but it was definetely recorded in stereo. This session is available on 2 cd set, Wade Mainer: I'm Not Looking Backward.

Mama You're Awful Mean to Me
Rubber Dolly
Little Pal
Dream of a Miner's Child
Worried Man Blues
Sally Goodwin
I'll Be a Friend to Jesus
Speckled Top Shoes
Lonesome Road Blues
Sparkling Blue Eyes
This World Is Not My Home
Wild Bill Jones
Sourwood Mountain
Clear Title To a Mansion

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buddy Rose - Down Home Pickin

Here's a really great bluegrass banjo album by a really great not-so-well-known banjo picker, Buddy Rose. To my knowledge, Rose played with Carl Sauceman and Carl Story at the time this album was recorded. I don't have any personnel for this album at all. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know. It was likely recorded in Salem, VA, because it is on the Dominion label which was Jack Mullins' label and they were based in Salem.

Bud's Tune
Florida Blues
Nashville Skyline Rag
Swanee River
Sally Goodwin
Flint Hill Special
Bud's Chimes
Sally Ann
Careless Love
Fireball Mail
Farewell Blues
Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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