Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Country Gentlemen - Live 1961

Here is a live show of the Country Gentlemen at the Shamrock Room in the West End Shopping Center in Falls Church, VA on December 1, 1961. The interesting thing about this show is that the banjo player is Walter Hensley, not Eddie Adcock. I hope all you Gentlemen fans will enjoy this show. I'm sorry to say that most of the stage talk was not recorded, just the music.

Charlie Waller - guitar
John Duffey - mandolin
Walter Hensley - banjo
Tom Grey - bass

Miller's Cave
Foggy Mountain Chimes
Sunny Side of Life
Love Letters in the Sand
Weeping Willow
Two Lonely Hearts
Long Black Veil
That Was Before I Met You
Laura Lie
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
Wildwood Flower
Nine Pound Hammer
Little Bessie
Aching Heart
Little Maggie
Save it, Save it
Daddy Don't Go to the Mine
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Panhandle Country
Could You Love Me One More Time
Two Little Boys
That's When I Miss You Most
New Freedom Bell
Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky

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  1. Hi Jeremy.
    Thanks´s for this post and have a great new year!

  2. Thanks for this great share!

    Have a Happy New Year!


  3. There is something about a live show that is great. Thanks for sharing.Floyd

  4. Hello Jeremy,

    Thanks for this great bluegrass. I can't get enough banjo, esp. Walter Hensley! That man could play. Thanks again.



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