Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Spring Valley Boys

Here's an album and 4 live recordings by the Spring Valley Boys of Fries, VA.

Bruce Mastin - fiddle
Dale Poe - guitar
Sonny Funk - banjo
Reid Robertson - mandolin
Allen Mastin - bass

Katy Hill
Careless Love
Kentucky Waltz
Lee Highway Blues
Rabbit in the Log
Johnson's Old Gray Mule
Peacock Rag
Coming Around the Mountain
Tennessee Wagoneer
Black Mountain Rag

Fiddler's Convention Live Recordings:
Goodbye Liza Jane
Soldier's Joy
Forked Deer
Sandy River Belle

Click Here to Download:


  1. The picture does not match the album. This is an earlier version of the group with Dewey Burris on Bass and Kyle Cole on guitar (left.) The line-up is correct for the album though except Kyle is on the album as well.


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