Monday, July 20, 2009

Wade Mainer's Mountaineers

Here's all of Wade Mainer's Bluebird recordings. This post will complete all of the Mainer Bluebird recordings. Even though Wade didn't use this name, I've chosen to title this as Wade Mainer's Mountaineers, because the it just seems appropriate. Wade used a couple of names such as "Sons of the Mountaineers" and "Smiling Rangers." Most of the Montgomery Ward issues of Mainer records (including JE) just listed them as Mainer's Mountaineers with no distinction between J.E.'s group and Wade's group so it can be confusing. If you would like the details on which sessions are by which group names and all, see pp. 582-585 in Country Music Records by Tony Russell. Special thanks to Kilby for these recordings.

I have re-uploaded parts 1 and 3 due to unzipping issues.

February 14, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Come Back to Your Dobie Shack
Just as the Sun Went Down
What Would You Give in Exchange
A Leaf From the Sea
Brown Eyes
Maple on the Hill Part 2
Going to Georgia
Nobody's Darling But Mine
Mother Came to Get Her Boy From Jail
Where the Red, Red Roses Grow

June 15, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Cradle Days
Gathering Flowers From the Hills
My Mother Is Waiting
If I Could Hear My Mother
Nobody's DArling On Earth
Shake Hands With Mother

October 12, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
They Said My Lord Was a Devil
Won't Somebody Pal With Me
Hop Along Peter
Just One Way to the Peraly Gates
Dear Daddy You're Gone
Been Foolin' Me, Baby
I'll Be a Friend of Jesus
Cowboy's Pony in Heaven
Old Sam's Soda Commercial

February 16, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Little Birdie
Always Been a Rambler
Starting Life Anew with You
Little Rosebuds
Train Carry Me Girl Back Home
In the Land Beyond the Blue
A Change All Around
Short Life and It's Trouble

August 2, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Dying Boy's Prayer
Free Again
Answer to Two Little Rosebuds
I'm Not Turning Backward
Riding on that Train Forty-Five
Little Maggie
Little Pal
Down in the Willow
Garden of Prayer
Ramshackle Shack
Memory Lane
Wild Bill Jones
I Want to be Loved

August 3, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
What Are You Going to Do Brother
Companions Draw Nigh
Mountain Sweetheart
Don't Forget Me, Little Darling

January 27, 1938 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Lonely Tomb
Pale Moonlight
All My Friends
Since I Met My Mother in Low
Don't Get Too Deep in Love
Don't Leave Me Alone
I Won't Be Worried
Where Romance Calls
Another Alabama Camp Meetin'
Mitchell Blues

September 26, 1938 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Farther Along
Dear Loving Mother and Dad
Can't Tell About These Women
That Kind
If I Had Listened to Mother
She is Spreading Her Wings For a Journey
The Same Old You to Me
Life's Evening Sun
Mother Still Prays For You Jack
You're Awfully MEan to Me
Home in the Sky
A Little Love
North Carolina Moon
More Good Women Gone Wrong

Febrary 4, 1939 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Sparkling Blue Eyes
We Will Miss Him
I Left My Home in the MOuntains
I Met Her at a Ball One Night
You May Forsake Me
Look On and Cry
One Little Kiss
Mama, Don't Make Me Go to Bed
Crying Hold
Heaven Bells Are Ringing

August 21, 1939 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Sparkling Blue Eyes No. 2
The Poor Drunkard's Dream
Were You There
The Gospel Cannon Ball
The Great and Final Judgment
What A Wonderful Saviour is He
What Not Make Heaven Your Home
Mansions in the Sky
Not a Word of That Be Said
Drifting Through an Unfriendly World

September 29, 1941 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Shake My Mother's Hand For Me
Anywhere Is Home
I Can Tell You the Time
He Gave His Life
Ramblin' Boy
The Precious Jewel
Old Ruben
Precious Memories

Here are the download links:


  1. hi jeremy,

    i have these two errors in Part 1 and Part 3

    Wade Mainer's Mountaineers - (1936-1941) - Complete Recorded Works\Wade Mainer Mountaineers 36 to CRC failed in 1936-02-14\08 Nobody's Darling But Mine.mp3. The file is corrupt

    Wade Mainer's Mountaineers - (1936-1941) - Complete Recorded Works\Wade Mainer Mountaineers CRC failed in 1941-09-29\07 Old Reuben.mp3. The file is corrupt

    thanks for another excellent post


  2. Hello Jerey,

    thanks for all the great posts today! Can't say how much I love your blog!


  3. Ditto to Rounder 's comment , same problem

  4. Just found this blog. Thanks so much. these Wade Mainer recordings are my favorite old timey. nice to have good transfers so I can put away my cheap, warped Old Homestead lps.
    thanks again,
    D. Ross

  5. Great stuff! Can you re-upload part 3, please? It seems to be missing.

  6. Jeremy,

    I'm late to the party, but hey it IS old time music right?

    Great blog! Lonesome Lefty sent me over.

  7. Jeremy,

    Part 3 is a bad link. . . would you be willing to fix it?

    1. 4 months down the track and Part 3 still won't serve. Message at mediafire is:

      "Invalid or Deleted File.

      The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire."

      Trust you can work this out, Jeremy - seems you're the only one willin' to publish the Mainer gospel.

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