Monday, August 24, 2009

Jess Johnston & Jess Hillard - Superior 2760

Here's an extremely rare 78. This is fiddler Jess Johnston from West Virginia playing the piano and singing and Jess Hillard playing guitar with him. The flip side is just Jess Hillard.

These sides were recorded by Gennett Records in Richmond, IN in the latter part of 1931. The record was released on January 30, 1932 and kept in print until August 31, 1932. Total sales figures for this release were 341 copies. To my knowledge, this record has never been reissued, so this is the only place you can get it. So treasure this one! Not only is it rare, but it's GOOD!!!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bailes Bros - Homer and Johnnie

Well, finally I'm getting around to doing another post here. I hope that no one had given up on me.

Here are a couple of albums of Johnnie and Homer Bailes' radio transcriptions from KWKH.
This is some really nice stuff. Sadly, there was reverb added when these were issued on LP, but I hope that most of you can overlook that in light of such wonderful music.

Volume 1
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat
Silver Trumpet
Tell Me Now or Tell Me Never
That Beautiful Picture
Remember Me
I Love Her More Now Mother's Old
It's So Hard to Smile
I'll Shout and Shine
Roadside Rag
Remember Me
The White Dove
I Can't Help It If I Cry
I Need the Prayers
Remember Me (outro)
Remember Me (intro)
Remember Me (whole song)
Train No. 111
You'll Understand
I've Got My One Way Ticket

Volume 2
Thank God For a Mother Like Mine
Come to the Saviour
The Letter I Never Mailed
Has the Devil Got a Mortgage on You
The Gloryland Way
My Heart Echoes
John Henry
I Saw the Light
Pretty Flowers
You Can't Go Halfway and Get In
Sinner Kneel Down and Pray
Tramp on the Street
Will the Angels Have a Sweetheart

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