Monday, July 20, 2009

J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers Bluebird Sides

Here is the complete recorded commercial output of J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers from 1935 to 1939. This is all really great stuff.

If you want personnel for these sessions, see pp. 581-583 in Discography of Country Music by Tony Russell. Special thanks to Kilby for these recordings.

I've re-uploaded 1935-1936 due to unzipping issues. Y'all let me know if the problem still persists.

August 6, 1935 Atlanta, GA Bluebird Session
Ship Sailing Now
This World is Not My Home
Maple on the Hill
Take Me in the Lifeboat
Seven and a Half
New Curly Headed Baby
Let Her Go God Bless Her
City on the Hill
The Longest Train
Write a Letter To Mother
Lights in the Valley

Febuary 14, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Goin' Back West in the Fall
New Lost Train Blues
I Am Walking in the Light
Don't Cause Mother's Harl to Turn Grey
When I Reach My Home Eternal
Fatal Wreck on the Bus
Behind the Parlor Door
One to Love Me

June 15, 1936 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
On a Cold Winter Night
John Henry Was a Little Boy
The Old and Faded Picture
Take Me Home to the Sweet Sunny South
Walk that Lonesome Valley
Got A Home in that Rock
Johnson's Old Grey Mule
Won't Be Worried Long
Goin Down to the River of Jordan
Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls?
Down Among the Budded Roses
Watermelon on the Vine

August 5, 1937 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
We Can't Be Darlings Anymore
Tell Mother I'll Meet Her
In a Little Village Churchyard
Carry Your Cross With a Smile
Swing th Door of You Hear Open Wide
Answer to Greenback Dollar
There's a Green Hill Far Away
Miss Me When I'm Gone
Floating Down the Stream of Time
Don't Go Out
Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
Kiss Me Cindy

January 23, 1938 Charlotte, NC Bluebird Session
Your Best Friend is Always Near
Lamp Lighting Time in Heaven
When the Light's Gone Out In Your Soul
I Once Loved a Young Man
Somebody Cares
I'm Living the Right Life Now
Just Over int he Gloryland
I'm in the Gloryland Way
If I Lose, Let Me Lose
Great Reaping Day
Oh Why Did I Ever Get Married
Back to Johnson City

February 4, 1939 Rock Hill, SC Bluebird Session
Drunkard's Hiccoughs
Country Blues
I'm a Poor Pilgrim (I'm missing this side. If anyone has it, let me know)
Concord Rag

Here are the download links:
Sorry, but these are now available on cd. Check them out at


  1. The 1935 - 1936 link does not unpack for some reason

  2. It unpacked for me! Thanks a trillion!!!!

  3. hi jeremey

    i still have an error message for Seven And A Half in the 1935-36 batch

    thanks so much


  4. jeremy tried again this morning the 1935 -1936 still comes up error

  5. Hi Jeremy - I'm looking for a J.E. side that doesn't seem to have made it up here. Number 111, from the Valentine's Day '36 session. It's the flip of New Lost Train Blues. You have that one handy? I'll be much obliged.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you - this is great stuff! But would you be willing to re-upload the 1937-1939 file, which Mediafire seems to have deleted? It would definitely be appreciated.

  8. Jason, I'm glad that you are enjoying the Mainers, but I've actually got to take down all of this post, because it is now available in 2 4-cd sets. You can order them at

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