Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blue Ridge Partners

Here are a few cuts from some 45s that I found in saggy record cabinet of a hot bluegrass band from the 1970s. These folks really played it right. There are two live cuts here from the 1970 Old Fiddler's Convention: John Henry and Hitchiker's Blues. This has got to be the best version of John Henry I've ever heard. If you don't enjoy this, you don't like bluegrass!

By the way, I just heard that Carl Joiner, fiddler on the 2 live cuts here, passed away in the last week or so.

Wayne Hauser - banjo
Audine Lineberry - bass
Gelene Lowe - guitar
Roy McMillan? - mandolin
Junior Shinault - fiddle
Carl Joiner - fiddle

John Henry
Hitchhiker's Blues
In Such a Short Time
Lonely Man
Up in the High Country


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