Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. William Trent and Son

Here is a newly found home recorded 78 RPM acetate disc from the collection of Allen Odom. This is very neat parlor-style banjo picking recorded Feb 2, 1947. If anyone has any info on these folks, please let me know.

Lancashire Klogg & All Coons Look Alike to Me
Halls of Montezuma & Yankee Doodle Dandy

Jim Shumate - Bluegrass Fiddler Supreme

I'm sorry I don't have a jacket scan of this album. I don't know much about it either except that he is being backed up by L.W. Lambert's band which would be L.W. on banjo and Ray Cline on guitar, but the rest are unknown to me. It's a good record though, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Here's a link to some good info on Shumate:

Katy Hill
Paddy on the Turnpike
Mean Old Ramblin Blues
Lost Train Blues
Bound for Sugar Hill
Going Back
Lost Indian
Lee Highway Blues
Smith's Breakdown
Billy in the Lowground
Red Apple Rag
Goin' to Town
Cincinnati Rag

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blue Ridge Partners

Here are a few cuts from some 45s that I found in saggy record cabinet of a hot bluegrass band from the 1970s. These folks really played it right. There are two live cuts here from the 1970 Old Fiddler's Convention: John Henry and Hitchiker's Blues. This has got to be the best version of John Henry I've ever heard. If you don't enjoy this, you don't like bluegrass!

By the way, I just heard that Carl Joiner, fiddler on the 2 live cuts here, passed away in the last week or so.

Wayne Hauser - banjo
Audine Lineberry - bass
Gelene Lowe - guitar
Roy McMillan? - mandolin
Junior Shinault - fiddle
Carl Joiner - fiddle

John Henry
Hitchhiker's Blues
In Such a Short Time
Lonely Man
Up in the High Country

Tater Tate & Billy Edwards

Here's Tater Tate and Billy Edwards' Rimrock LP featuring a bunch of good banjo and fiddle tunes. Personnel is likely the same as the previous LP.

Cobbler's Hop
Sweet Daisy Waltz
Black Mountain Rag
Done Gone
Wake Up Susan
Callin' the Cattle
Waltz You Saved For Me
Johnson's Old Grey Mule
Satan's Dream
Over the Waves
Whistling Rufus
Maple Sugar
Grey Eagle
No Grass Growin'

Tater Tate - Fiddling Favorites of USA & Canada

Here's a great album of fiddle tunes by a fantastic fiddler, Tater Tate. He is backed up on this album by Red Smiley and his Bluegrass Cutups.

Clarence Tate - fiddle
Red Smiley - guitar
Billy Edwards - banjo
Gene Burroughs? - mandolin
John Palmer - bass

Lee Sutton Special
Little Home in West Virginia
Sugar Tree Stomp
Land of Jubilo
Lisa Lynn Waltz
Colonial Breakdown
Gateway Two Step
Teetotalers Reel
Lost Indian
Hell Among the Yearlings
Lone Star Rag
London Hornpipe
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Snow Deer
Maple Sugar
Blue Water Hornpipe
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Chippewa Breakdown
Sugar in the Gourd
Sweet Tater Reel

Sunday, February 22, 2009

H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers

Here are some of Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers' Brunswick recordings from 1929.

Fred Roe - fiddle
Jim E. Smith - fiddle
Frank Williams - fiddle
Frank Wilson - slide guitar
Lonnie Austin - piano
Harry Brown? - mandolin
Jack Reedy? - banjo
Henry Roe - guitar

Golden Slippers
Blue Ridge Ramblers' Rag
Honolulu Stomp
Three O'Clock in the Morning
Repaz Band March
Our Director March
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Lineman's Serenade
Golden Slippers
Old Joe Clark
Who Broke the Lock on the Hen House Door
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Morris Brothers

Here are some of the Morris Brothers commercial recordings for RCA Victor. Some these were issued on Bluebird, Montgomery Ward, and later RCA Victor itself. These recordings span from 1938 to 1946.

Wiley Morris - guitar, lead vox
Zeke Morris - mandolin, tenor vox

Let Me Be Your Salty Dog 1938
Darling Think What You Have Done
Greenback Dollar Part 3
Answer to Blue Eyes
Great Speckled Bird
The Story of Charlie Lawson
My Lord Will Come
He'll Set Your Fields on Fire
Let Me Be Your Salty Dog 1946??
Somebody Loves You Darling
Tragic Romance
Grave Upon the Green Hillside

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spencer Moore - Chilhowie, VA - Oct 30, 2006

Here are some field recordings that I made of Spencer Moore on October 30, 2006. This is my debut on my own blog here. I'm playing the fiddle on these recordings and my friend, Martha Spencer, of Whitetop, VA is playing the banjo. We felt like Spencer was really picking and singing well this day. Hope that all of you enjoy his music.

Spencer Moore - guitar, vox
Martha Spencer - banjo
Jeremy Stephens - fiddle

Jimmy Sutton
Raining on the Mountain
Sally Goodin
Little Maggie
I've Always Been a Rambler
I Saw a Man At the Close of Day
He's Coming to Us Dead
Handsome Molly
Talking about G.B. Grayson's Death
They Go Wild Over Me
Black Snake Blues
Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister
Murder of the Lawson Family
In the Year of '49
Our Baby Boy is Dead
Baby, You're A-throwin' Me Down
Short Life of Trouble
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Cluck Old Hen

The Spring Valley Boys

Here's an album and 4 live recordings by the Spring Valley Boys of Fries, VA.

Bruce Mastin - fiddle
Dale Poe - guitar
Sonny Funk - banjo
Reid Robertson - mandolin
Allen Mastin - bass

Katy Hill
Careless Love
Kentucky Waltz
Lee Highway Blues
Rabbit in the Log
Johnson's Old Gray Mule
Peacock Rag
Coming Around the Mountain
Tennessee Wagoneer
Black Mountain Rag

Fiddler's Convention Live Recordings:
Goodbye Liza Jane
Soldier's Joy
Forked Deer
Sandy River Belle

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Simon Bowes and Carolina Champions

Here's a couple of good 45s of some bluegrass musicians from my area. I don't know much about these records. I'm sorry I don't have a photo to go with these.

Simon Bowes - vocals, ?
Jane Hawker - vocals
Carlton Carver - banjo

Mary Lou Rag
They Poisoned You Mind About Me
Living in a World of Make Believe
Too Deep in Heartaches

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The McGee Brothers & Fiddlin' Arthur Smith

Here's a fine album by Sam & Kirk McGee and Fiddlin Arthur Smith.

Arthur Smith - fiddle, vox
Sam McGee - guitar, vox
Kirk McGee - banjo, vox

Cumberland Gap
Roll on Buddy
Buck Dancer's Choice
Sally Long
Rock House Joe
Polly Ann
Hell Among the Yearlings
Kilby Jail
Coming From the Ball
Dusty Miller
Sixteen on Sunday
Railroad Blues
House of David Blues
Green Valley Waltz
Knoxville Blues
Jim Sapp Rag
Whoop 'Em Up Cindy
Hollow Poplar
Bile 'Em Cabbage Down

Flat Top Pickin' Sam McGee

Here's a great guitar picking album by the late great Sam McGee from Sunny Tennessee.

Sam McGee - guitar, vox
Elmer Boswell - rhythm guitar, vox on cut1
Clifton McGee - bass

Flat Top Pickin' Sam McGee
Buck Dancer's Choice
Won't Happen Again
Victory Rag
When the Wagon Was New
Uncle Fuller
Under the Double Eagle
Railroad Blues
Shut the Door
Sally Long
Cabbage Head
Franklin Blues
Knoxville Blues
Sam's Other Side
Little Texas Waltz

The Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters - 26 cuts

Here are some more, maybe all, of the Library of Congress' recordings of the Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters. Recorded 1937 and 1941. I've included the cuts that were on the lp as well, because these seem to have a little less surface noise that the versions on the album.

Crockett Ward - fiddle, vox
Alex Dunford - fiddle, vox
Wade Ward - banjo
Fields Ward - guitar, vox
Doc Davis - autoharp

Jesse James
Cold Icy Floor
Make Me A Pallet on the Floor
Ain't That Trouble in Mind
Old Jimmy Sutton
Shoo Fly
Who Broke the Lock
John Henry
Hop Light Ladies
Western Country
Piney Woods Girl From North Carolina
Katy Cline
Old Molly Hare
Old Jimmy Sutton
The Dying Hobo - ?
Corrina, Corrina
Train on the Island
Uncle Joe
Lillie Munroe
Uncle Jesse - ?
Jim Crack Corn, I Don't Care
Angeline the Baker

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uncle Eck Dunford

Here are all the sides that were issued under Eck Dunford's name. I've also included a few extra sides that I really felt needed to be included here. I hope you'll enjoy these. It's a riot just to listen to him talk!

The Whippoorwill's Song
What Will I Do When Money's All Gone
Barney McCoy
Sleeping Late
My First Bicycle Ride
The Taffy Pulling Party
The Savingest Man on Earth
Skip to My Lou
Sweet Summer Has Gone Away
Angeline the Baker
Old Shoes and Leggin's
Going Up the Mountain After Liquor Parts 1 and 2

Ted Lundy and the Southern Mountain Boys

Here's a good album I hope y'all will like.

Ted Lundy - banjo
Fred Hannah - mandolin
Jerry Lundy - fiddle
Wes Rineer - bass
Joe Ed King - banjo, fiddle, mandolin
Bob Paisley - guitar

Banjo Boy Chimes
Dusty Miller
Prison Wall of Love
Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home
Sally Anne
On and On
When You Are Lonely
Won't You Think of Me
Garden in the Sky
Don't Forget Me Little Darling
I've Never Been So Lonesome

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well folks, I hope y'all are enjoying everything I'm putting up here. I've been trying to put up a few different things every day. But I just wanted to let y'all know I'm going to be out of town for a few days and won't be posting anything until Tuesday or Wednesday, so y'all hang on...there's lots more good records in the old saggy cabinet yet.

Roy Acuff 1951 Recordings

Here's some of Roy Acuff best recordings in my opinion.

Roy Acuff - vox
Benny Martin - fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar
Pete Kirby - dobro, banjo, vox
Joe Zinkan - guitar
Jimmie Riddle - harmonica
Oral Rhodes - bass
LeCroy Sisters - singing on Ten Little Numbers

Bald Knob Arkansas
A Plastic Heart
Advice to Joe
When My Money Run Out
Your Address Unknown
The Southbound Train
Pliney Jane
Don't Hang Your Dirty Linen on My Line
I'll Be Alone
Doug MacArthur
In the Shadow of the Smokies
She Isn't Guaranteed
Wonder Is All I Do
Just A Friend
Ten Little Numbers
Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
My Tears Don't Show

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Joe Greene's Fiddle Album

Here's a great record of fiddle tunes by Joe Greene.

Joe Greene - fiddle
J.D. Crowe - banjo
Chubby Wise - guitar
Roland White - mandolin
Benny Williams - bass

Daley's Reel
Cattle in the Corn
Katy Hill
Big Joe
Paddy on the Turnpike
Money Musk
Dusty Miller
Grey Eagle
Turkey Buzzard
Salt River
Road to Jenkins

This album is now available for download at iTunes and eMusic.

Freddie Rose Update

This is a follow-up on the Freddie Rose post from 01-29-2009.

I just got 3 more 78s by Freddie Rose, so I thought some of you might like to hear them. This certainly isn't country music by a long shot, but I think its interesting to hear the kind of music Fred Rose played before he got into the publishing arena of country in the '40s and '50s. Personally, I absolutely love this music. Hope you do too.

You're the One For Me
Song of the Wanderer
The Voice of the Southland
Why Did You Make Believe
Somebody Loves Me

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J.E. Mainer Update

Here are two more J.E. Mainer King sides that I found rummaging through the saggy record cabinet this morning.

I'm Not Turning Backward
The Forks in the Road

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue Sky Boys - County 752

Here's a home recorded tape that County issued of the Bolicks.

Beautiful Brown Eyes
Gathering Up the Shells From the Seaside
The Little Paper Boy
Why Should It End This Way
My Sweetheart Mountain Rose
Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
I'll Wear a White Flower For You
Tramp on the Street
Just Because
I Never Will Marry

This album is now available for download at iTunes and eMusic.

Blue Sky Boys - Capitol LP

Here's their Capitol release.

Corina Corina
Reckless Hobo
Midnight Special
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet
Poor Boy
Oh Those Tombs
Greenback Dollar
Jack O'Diamonds
Twelve Months and a Day
Cotton Mill Colic
A True Love of Mine
Will the Circle Be Unknown

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Blue Sky Boys - Precious Moments LP

Here's a great lp.

Bill Bolick- mandolin, vox
Earl Bolick- guitar, vox

Radio Station SAVED
Why Should You Be Troubled And Sad
Precious Moments
Why Have You Forsaken Me
Come to the Saviour Today
This is the Promise of the Lord
When I've Gone the Last Mile
God is Still on the Throne
ABC Song
Boat of Life
Whispering Hope

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J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers - King Recordings

Here are 16 of J.E. Mainer's Mountaineer's King sides recorded in 1946. Syd Nathan didn't like fiddle music and this is evident in that the fiddle is really only featured on about 7 out of the 16 sides. Even though J.E. Mainer was the fiddler and that was a big part of his sound, that apparently didn't change Syd Nathan's mind.

I wish I knew the personnel of these sides. Special thanks to Jim, from whose collection these come from, for allowing me to post these here on my blog.

What'll I Do With the Baby-O
The Yodelin' Mountaineer
Workin' On a Building
Mother's Only Sleeping
John Henry
I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers
Big Ball's In Town
Johnson County Blues
Gathering Flowers From the Hillside
Lonely Tombs
Pale Moonlight
The Lonely Train
Shoot That Turkey Buzzard
Run Mountain
Walking For the Lord
Before Judgment Day

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters

Here's the Biograph LP of Library of Congress recording of the Original Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters.

Crockett Ward - fiddle, vox
Eck Dunford - fiddle
Wade Ward - banjo
Fields Ward - guitar, vox
Doc Davis - autoharp, spoken intros

Jesse James
Cold Icy Floor
Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
Ain't That Trouble in Mind
Old Jimmy Sutton
Shoo Fly
Sugar Hill
Who Broke the Lock
John Henry
Hop Light Ladies
Western Country
Deadheads and Suckers
Piney Woods Girl of North Carolina

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The Blue Ridge Buddies

Here's a group that not too many know anything about. These folks were from in and around Danville, VA. To my knowledge, these are the only commercial recordings that they made. I'm assuming that these sides were recorded somewhere around 1962. Some of you may recognize the bass player, Allen Mills, as the band leader of the popular bluegrass band, The Lost and Found.

Bobby Adkins - guitar, vox
Ryland Hawker - banjo, vox
Doug Emerson - mandolin
Allen Mills - bass, vox

Big Wheels Rolling - Reno and Smiley record label
Trading the Blues - "
Bluegrass in Kentucky - Tornado record label
I'm Sorry that I Threw Your Love Away - "

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grey Craig & the New North Carolina Ramblers

Grey Craig was an old time fiddler from Mountain Valley, VA, near Martinsville. Here are some recordings of him recorded in the 1970s.

Though not on the recordings, the mandolin player pictured is Buck Easley of Eden, NC.

Grey Craig - fiddle
Doug Rorrer - guitar
Kinney Rorrer - banjo, vox

Whitehouse Blues
Bill Cheatham
Pike County Breakdown
Walking In My Sleep
If I Lose, I Don't Care
Christmas Times A Comin'
Fiddle Tune?
Fourteen Days in Georgia
Orange Blossom Special

Fred Van Eps 1952

Here are some of Fred Van Eps last recordings. I've also included a very interesting interview with Van Eps as well. I hope everyone will enjoy these recordings.

Ragtime Oriole
Del Oro
Smiler Rag
Maple Leaf Rag
Interview Parts 1-5

The Four Virginians

Here is a group of old timers from my area. This is an 8-track tape that they made in the 1970s sometime. Some of you might interested to know that this band recorded in 1927 for Okeh Records. The personnel was not the same; in fact I think the only member that was at the Okeh session was Richard "Jim" Bigger, the fiddler. This music is an excellent example of the Piedmont style of old time music found in South Central Virginia.

You banjo enthusiasts might be interested to know that the banjo player on this is Posey Roach. Jim Mills now owns Posey's 1940 RB-75. He recorded with it on his album, Hide Head Blues.

Richard Bigger - fiddle
Posey Roach - banjo
J. Creer - guitar
G. Gover - guitar

Old Joe Clark
Fourteen Days In Georgia
Red Wing
Give Me the Flowers While I Live
Under the Double Eagle March
Lonesome Road Blues
Golden Slippers
Richmond Cotillion
My Darling Nellie Gray
May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister
Over the Waves Waltz
Home Sweet Home
Dark Town Strutters Ball

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Floyd County Ramblers

Here's the complete recorded output of the Floyd County Ramblers of Floyd County, VA.

Jake Gilly
Ragtime Annie
Step Stone
Sunny Tennessee
Death of Freida Bolt
Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party

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Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers 1939

Here are some really interesting recordings. This is Carl Story's band in 1939 featuring Johnny Whisnant on the banjo. I'm not going to call this bluegrass, but it sure was a whole lot closer to bluegrass than what Bill Monroe was doing in '39 at least by the banjo pickin. San Antonio Rose is the real jewel of this collection.

I'm unsure of the personnel on this except that it's Carl Story and Johnny Whisnant. Story may be playing fiddle on some of this. I don't actually have the 7" LP that this came out on in 1973, so my information is limited. Just take it for what it is, and enjoy!

My Dear Old Southern Home
Shout Lulu
Great Speckled Bird
San Antonio Rose
Florida Blues
Suicide Blues

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carl Story - Starday LP 315

Here's one of Carl Story's Starday LPs. This particular features the Brewster Brother who are pictured with Carl on the front cover.

Carl Story - guitar, vocals
Frank Brewster - banjo
William Brewster - mandolin
Claude Boone - bass, vocals
Tommy Jackson - fiddle
Jack Linneman - dobro

Glory Hallelujah, Now I'm Satisfied
White Dove
Didn't They Crucify Me Lord
Why Do You Weep Dear Willow
Church in the Valley
Someone's Praying For Me
He'll Set Your Field's On Fire
Listen to Your Radio
The Old Country Preacher
Shake Hands With Mother For Me
Distant Land to Roam
When I Take My Vacation in Heaven

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Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers

Here is a bunch of the Skillet Lickers' skit records. These are a riot. I love to listen to these things. ENJOY!

A Day at the Country Fair
Prohibition Yes or No
Taking the Census
Hog Killing Day
Jeremiah Hopkins Store at Sand Mountain
A Bee Hunt on the Hill for Sartin Creek
The Original Arkansas Traveler
Possum Hunt on Stump House Mountain
Prosperity and Politics
Practice Night with the Skillet Lickers

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Bill Harrell and the Virginians

Here's a great LP by Bill Harrell and his Virginian from the early 1960s. In my opinion, this album represents some of Bill Harrell's greatest recordings. You may notice a tune on this album called Signal of the Banjo. Well this is more popularly known as Banjo Signal: popularized by Don Reno. This is played on this record, by Smiley Hobbs, the writer of the tune. Signal of the Banjo is also the original title of the tune.

Bill Harrell - guitar, vocals
Smiley Hobbs - mandolin, banjo, vocal
Smitty Irvin - banjo
Buck Ryan - fiddle
? - bass
? - twelve string guitar

The Legend of Jesse James
Orange Blossom Special
Banjo Bill
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
Polly, Pretty Polly
Eatin' Out of Your Hand
Copper Kettle
Black Jack Davey
Signal of the Banjo
I Dipped in the Sugar Bowl
Will You Be Lovin' Another Man
Flower Blooming in the Wildwood
A Good Woman's Love

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Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands

Here's a 1962 LP on the Folk Lyric label by Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands. This is great lp and it features a good bit of Snuffy's banjo picking. Snuffy is known as one of the earliest roll-type 3-finger style banjo players. His style is the closest to bluegrass style of anyone in his generation.

Snuffy Jenkins - banjo, washboard
Homer Sherrill - fiddle
Greasy Medlin - guitar, vocals
Ira Dimmery - bass

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Tommy Jackson - Dot Records

Here is a collection fiddle tunes from my Dot 78s of Tommy Jackson, the famous Nashville fiddler/studio musician. These are some the cleanest sounding 78s that I've ever heard. I find it interesting that he recorded both Katy Hill and Sally Johnson, because these tunes are viewed as the same tune by most fiddlers. Take note of the subtle differences.

Sally Johnson
Katy Hill
Wake Up Susan
When the Leaves Begin to Turn Brown
Rickett's Hornpipe
Here and There
Sally Ann
Whistling Rufus
Golden Slippers
Eighth of January
Stony Point
Trouble Among the Yearlings
Uncle Joe
Cripple Creek
Ricestrow (Rye Straw)

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Charlie Monroe - Starday LPs

Here are two LPs that Charlie Monroe recorded during his retirement from the music industry. The first LP, Charlie Monroe Sings Again, was recorded somewhere around 1960 for Bob Mooney at REM Records. The second LP, Lord Build Me a Cabin, I assume was recorded at about the same time, but I'm not sure about this. In fact, I have no concrete information on the latter LP. I assume also that the personnel is the same on both records.

Charlie Monroe - guitar, vocal
J.D. Crowe - banjo
Bob Joslin - fiddle
Ed Stacey - bass
Kenny Whalen - electric guitar

Sings Again LP
Down in the Willow Garden
Pententiary Blues
We'll Love Again Sweetheart
Phonograph Record
My Mother's White Rose
Nobody Cares For Me
Old Kentucky Bound
Down in Caroline
Walking With You in My Dreams
So Blue
Farewell Bennie, Dear
Banjo Player's Blues

Lord Build Me a Cabin LP
Lord Build Me a Cabin
Shake Hands With Mother
I Feel Like a Stranger
Sing Sing Sing
I Live in Glory
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
I'm Going That Way
Wait For the Light to Shine
Child of the King
Working on a Building
I've Changed My Mind
Won't We Have a Good Time

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Mattie, Marthie, and Minnie

This is a fabulous 78 by Mattie, Marthie, and Minnie: The Amburgey Sisters - Opal, Irene, and Bertha. Irene is more well known to the public as Martha Carson. This record seems to have been recorded around 1952 or so.

You Can't Live With 'Em
Tennessee Memories

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Daddy John Love

Here's a solo record by Daddy John Love. He played with Wade and J.E. Mainer quite a bit and was also apart of the Dixie Reelers.

My Wife Went Away and Left Me
My Little Red Ford

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Robinson Trio

I have no clue who the Robinson Trio is, but I really like their singing. This record was issued on the North Wilkesboro, NC Blue Ridge Records label owned by Drusilla Adams. There has been a lot of great music that came from this label. My copy of this record is in mint condition except for a hairline crack, so please beware that there is a light click on both sides here.

No Wars Up There
The Light On the River

Kirk McGee - Tennessee Recordings

Here are the four sides that Kirk McGee recorded on Tennessee Records. I have no other information. I got the two clean sides here from a friend, and the other two are from my beat up copy of the record pictured above.

Missing in Action
Don't Fool Around My Baby
It's Too Late to Change Your Mind
Rambler's Blues

Clayton McMichen

Here's a near complete 6-side record album of fiddle tunes by Clayton McMichen. I say near complete because I've only got 5 of the six sides. This album was issued on Decca Records.

Clayton McMichen - fiddle
Slim Bryant - guitar
Jerry Wallace - tenor banjo

Side 1 - Turkey in the Straw, Old Hen Cackle, Fiddler's Dram
Side 2 - Old Joe Clark, Pretty Little Widder, Shortenin' Bread
Side 3 - Fire on the Mountain, Ida Red, Sally Gooden
Side 4 - Soldier's Joy, Arkansas Traveler, Mississippi Sawyer
Side 5 (presumably) - Devil's Dream, Ricketts Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe