Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bailes Bros - Homer and Johnnie

Well, finally I'm getting around to doing another post here. I hope that no one had given up on me.

Here are a couple of albums of Johnnie and Homer Bailes' radio transcriptions from KWKH.
This is some really nice stuff. Sadly, there was reverb added when these were issued on LP, but I hope that most of you can overlook that in light of such wonderful music.

Volume 1
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat
Silver Trumpet
Tell Me Now or Tell Me Never
That Beautiful Picture
Remember Me
I Love Her More Now Mother's Old
It's So Hard to Smile
I'll Shout and Shine
Roadside Rag
Remember Me
The White Dove
I Can't Help It If I Cry
I Need the Prayers
Remember Me (outro)
Remember Me (intro)
Remember Me (whole song)
Train No. 111
You'll Understand
I've Got My One Way Ticket

Volume 2
Thank God For a Mother Like Mine
Come to the Saviour
The Letter I Never Mailed
Has the Devil Got a Mortgage on You
The Gloryland Way
My Heart Echoes
John Henry
I Saw the Light
Pretty Flowers
You Can't Go Halfway and Get In
Sinner Kneel Down and Pray
Tramp on the Street
Will the Angels Have a Sweetheart

Click Here to Download


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for these volumes - there are some very interesting tracks here. I note you say these are from LPs. Do you have any more information on the source - album names, label, release date, recording dates etc?

    I'd be grateful for any info you have. Thank you for all your postings. Keep up the good work.

    regards, Donna

    1. I am here looking for two songs by the Rev. Walter Bailes. They are "I can't help what others do I'm on my way" and I get mighty close to heaven in these hills". I'm proud to say I knew the Rev. Bailes and called him my friend. To anyone who listens I will tell you I think he was a modern day Prophet.Anyone who can put me in touch with the heirs of his music please write me at Thanks Guys!

  2. I have these LP`s too and was going to post them pretty soon. You beat me to it!!! They are pretty neat to hear.

  3. Jeremy

    could you please provide some discography info for these two lps


  4. The albums are Old Homestead releases, CS-103 and 104. The Bailes Brothers - Johnnie & Homer Limited Collectors Edition

  5. thank you so much for these.

  6. Such an excellent blog! Thanks so much for sharing these. My aunt, Margaret Martin, told me about this, and I'll be passing it along to my friend Jackson. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Jeremy
    I just found your blog. I grew up in WV and back years ago we had I believe and old 8 track of the Bailes Brothers and there was a song called "I Get Mighty Close To Heaven In These Hills" Man that was a great song. We played it alot at our hunting cabin in Hardy County WV. I have looked and looked for it and can't find it anywhere. I found one by that name written by a guy named Chub Odell but haven't heard it so it might be a different song. Have you heard it

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