Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Four Pickled Peppers

Here is a near complete collection of the Four Pickled Peppers. I'm missing two sides: The Woman I Love and My Little Nappanee. If anyone has these, please let me know.

These fellows were from an area of NC which is now called Eden. This is also the same area in which Charlie Poole lived. The primary guitarist on these sides is Norman Woodlieff who recorded 6 sides with Charlie Poole in 1925. In fact, all of these guys either knew of played with Charlie Poole. Another interesting note is that Lonnie Austin(also a Poole contemporary), the fiddler on the 1939 session was actually supposed to be playing piano on that session. The band had worked up all of their selections with piano breaks and such, but Frank Walker (who was in charge of the session) wouldn't allow a piano in a stringband, so Lonnie had to go get a fiddle from somewhere to do the session. This information comes Lonnie Austin by way of Kinney Rorrer.

Enjoy the Four Pickled Peppers!

Norman Woodlieff - gtr, vox
Esmund Harris - gtr
Hamon Newman - tnr bjo
Dallas Hubbard - bones, vox
Earl Taylor - gtr
Lonnie Austin - fiddle

Sept 30, 1938 Bluebird Session
Somebody's Darling Not Mine
Four Leaf Clover
Thirteen Steps
Poor Old Joe
Come Along Children, Come Along
When I Was a Baby
Bungalow Big Enough for Two
Jolly Group of Cowboys

August 22, 1939 Bluebird Session
I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers
I'm Not Angry With You, Darling
Long Lost Sweetheart
When The Golden Moon is Shining
From Broadway to Heaven
That Wabash Rag
Dill Pickle Rag
Baby Chile
Ramblin' John
She's A Cousin of Mine


  1. thanks again, "thirteen steps" is so good

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