Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spencer Moore - Chilhowie, VA - Oct 30, 2006

Here are some field recordings that I made of Spencer Moore on October 30, 2006. This is my debut on my own blog here. I'm playing the fiddle on these recordings and my friend, Martha Spencer, of Whitetop, VA is playing the banjo. We felt like Spencer was really picking and singing well this day. Hope that all of you enjoy his music.

Spencer Moore - guitar, vox
Martha Spencer - banjo
Jeremy Stephens - fiddle

Jimmy Sutton
Raining on the Mountain
Sally Goodin
Little Maggie
I've Always Been a Rambler
I Saw a Man At the Close of Day
He's Coming to Us Dead
Handsome Molly
Talking about G.B. Grayson's Death
They Go Wild Over Me
Black Snake Blues
Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister
Murder of the Lawson Family
In the Year of '49
Our Baby Boy is Dead
Baby, You're A-throwin' Me Down
Short Life of Trouble
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Cluck Old Hen


  1. Congratulations on your debut. Nice fiddlin'. You should have posted a picture of the three of you together. This is a good fun recording. Thanks.

  2. Really great stuff, this is as true as music gets.
    All three of you worked together and produced a great sound.
    Now, get back in the car and do some more field trips.

  3. This is just fantastic you can't get anymore rural than this , real mountain music . at this blog you will find my cd steve brown on the air

  4. This is real beautiful stuff. Mind telling us a little more about the recording setup you used? Thanks for gifting us with these.

  5. Spencer says he has Murder of the Lawson Family on a record, what record? Did he still have his record collection? Thanks for this wonderful recording! I'd love to hear some stories about this trip if you'd be so kind.

  6. WOW. I sure would like to hear this.. Perhaps a reup? Looks Great!

  7. Jeremy,
    I'd love to hear these recordings, but the link is broken. Would you be willing to repost?


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