Monday, April 4, 2011

Dick Devall - Timely Tunes 1563

Here's a great record. If you ever wanted to know what real cowboy singing was like, well I bet this is about as close to that as you'll ever find. This is Dick Devall doing two old cowboy songs. This is the real deal: inaccompanied singing. This is probably what they sounded like singing out west is 1849. Great Authentic Stuff!!

Tom Sherman's Barroom

Out on the Lone Star Cow Trail

Chumbler's Breakdown Gang

Here's an interesting record that will sort of defy some information that has been in several discographies. For years, QRS 9016 has been said to be Charlie Poole and the Highlanders under the presumed pseudonym Chumbler's Mountain Gang, but after this record has finally been found (this is likely the only known copy), it is obvious that it is not Charlie Poole. Also, Country Music Records 1921-1942 says that this record's sides are Tennessee Blues and May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister; neither of which are correct. The sides here are East Tennessee Blues and Under the Double Eagle. So, I assumed that this was the Chumbler Family, but after checking their discography, these sides are not listed. So, I checked the index for East Tennessee Blues and the only groups that are listed are Elmer Bird, Richard Cox, Hill Billies, and Johnson Sisters Trio. None of these groups recorded Under the Double Eagle, but if you look at Chumbler's Breakdown Gang under Chumbler Family and Associated Groups, you will see that only one side, matrix 405 - Brown Mule Slide, is listed. The matrices on this record are 406 and 407, the next two numbers in the sequence. So, it seems as though this record is not under a pseudonym after all. Apparently, these sides were only issued on QRS. They were recorded April 1927 for Paramount Records in Long Island City, NY. This is good music! So, y'all all enjoy!

Special thanks to Robert Montgomery for the research on the record.

Under the Double Eagle

East Tennessee Blues

Emry Arthur & Della Hatfield - Broadway 8266

Here's a 78 by Emry Arthur and Della Hatfield recorded for Paramount Records in late 1929 in Grafton, WI. Enjoy!

A Railroader Lover For Me

Jennie My Own True Lover

Freddie Rose - Brunswick 4107

Here's my latest collected 78 dub of Freddie Rose. I hope y'all will enjoy this!

Fred Rose - piano, vocal

Remember Me

Is It a Sin