Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fa Sol La Singers - Led by J.J. Davis

Here's a really great shaped-note singing record. This is not a sacred harp record, because the singers here are using the Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si syllables. I'm not sure which book utilized those syllables or what the shapes would have been for those; especially the syllable "Si."

Anyway, this is a great record and a very rare one. In fact, it is possible that this is the only known copy of this 78. So, consider yourself priviledged to be able to hear this one. It's really nice singing.

Jesus Walks with Me
Rejoicing on the Way


  1. Any chance to get records and info on the Dixie Reelers? Keet up the good work!

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  4. Hey Jeremy,
    The whole blog is just great! Speaking as a former "Tarheel" now residing in GA, this's what I cut my teeth on!
    Do you have anything by "Roper's Mountain Singers?"
    Keep it up man!

  5. I am looking for some records by an artist named Beverly Buff that recorded in the 1960's for Bethleham and a couple of other labels, She never made it big but she and my mother went to school with one another and I would love to hear her again! I know she had 3 singles on Bethleham and I know a couple on Columbia if I have been told right!

    Any help is appreciated


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  7. Wow, great find! 'Jesus Walks with Me' sounds like the inspiration for Woody Guthrie's 'Do Re Mi'


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