Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Trace Family Trio

This evening I got to rummaging through the saggy record cabinet, and I happened to the run across these 2 King 78s. I had never listened to them before, so I put them on and I really enjoyed them. I hope you will too.

I'll Be No Stranger There
I've Got A Longing To Go
Fear Not, My Child
Keep Moving On

Big Bill Lister

There are probably lots of other people out there that know a lot about Big Bill Lister, and I know virtually nothing except that he recorded this fantastic song, There's A Tear In My Beer.

There's A Tear In My Beer
Give It Back to the Indians

The Bowes Brothers

The Bowes Brothers were a popular local act in the 1950s from Roxboro, NC. They recorded this record on Mutual, Dee Stone's record label. The B side, which was actually better than the A side, featured banjo picking and singing from a man named Claude Yeatts from around Danville, VA. Claude lived into the 1980s, and continued to pick banjo and sing Stop Knocking At My Door.

Simon Bowes, Early Bowes, Claude Yeatts, other personnel unknown

Stop Knocking at My Door
Mother Won't Grow Old Too Soon

Tommy Magness and his Orange Blossom Boys

Here's a good 78 from Tommy Magness. This was recorded for the Blue Ridge label, except not the common Blue Ridge that was owned by Drusilla Adams in North Wilkesboro, NC. This instead is another Blue Ridge label based in Roanoke. In fact, I'm not familiar with any other records that came out on this label. Maybe someone out there can fill in some gaps in this information. For some reason, in the back of my mind I'm thinking that this was recorded in 1947. Regardless of it's date, it's a great record and very representative of the country music in Roanoke, VA at that time.

I'm not sure of all the personnel here, but I know that Clayton and Saford Hall are present. In fact they are the singers on Sitting on Top of the World.

Powhatan Arrow
I'm Sittin' On Top of the World

Shannon Grayson & The Golden Valley Boys

Here are some fine recordings from Shannon Grayson and the Golden Valley Boys. Shannon Grayson's banjo playing is very fasinating in that it is very similar the Don Reno's at least in his roll patterns. If you took Don Reno's style and stripped it down to it's foundation, what would be left is almost exactly what you hear in Shannon Grayson. These recordings remind me a lot of the gospel recordings made at Reno and Smiley's first session in 1952 as well.

Shannon Grayson - banjo, lead vox
Dewey Price - guitar, tenor vox
Millard Pressley - mandolin, baritone vox
Harvey Raborn - bass vox
unknown - bass, steel guitar

Sunset of Time Is Drawing Near
Someday In Heaven I'll Be
If You Don't Love Your Neighbor
The Secret Weapon
Just Let Me Travel Alone
Since His Sweet Love Has Rescued Me
Works Is All I Hear
I'm Keeping the Roses
I'm Gonna Walk On
I Like the Old Time Way
Pray the Clouds Away
Childhood Dreams

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bashful Brother Oswald & Sister Rachel

Here is a compilation of opry and commercial recordings of Pete Kirby (Oswald) and Rachel Veach (Sister Rachel). They only recorded 4 sides commercially which are represented here along with the opry recordings.

From Opry Airchecks:
Late Last Night
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Corina, Corina
Late Last Night
Nashville Blues
Why Not Confess
I'm Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail
John Henry

Okeh Recordings - 1942 - unissued:
Weary Lonesome Blues
Roll On Buddy

Decca Record - 1950:
She My Curley Headed Baby
Fire Ball Mail

The Poe Sisters

These recordings are all from Opry airchecks recorded between July 1944 and May 11, 1946. They were released on a Cattle LP which is the source for this upload.

Green Valley Waltz
The Farmer's Girl
The Best of Friends Must Part
In a Little Village Church Yard
False Hearted Girl
The Farmer's Son
Don't let Your Sweet Love Die
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
As Long As I Live
Flower Blooming in the Wildwood

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Pate and Leroy Martin

Pate and Leroy Martin were a father and son (respectively) duo from Toast, NC, just outside of Mt. Airy. They recorded these four sides at WPAQ probably sometime around the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Honeysuckle Blues
Walking in My Sleep
Sunny Home in Dixie
Cacklin' Hen

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Frank Blevins and his Southern Buccaneers 1949

Recorded April 6, 1949 by Odell "Speedy Tolliver in Damascus, VA.

Frank Blevins - lead fiddle
Odell Tolliver - 2nd fiddle (shuffling)
Junior Sapp - guitar

Ida Red
Carolina Moonshiner
Sleepy Jim

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Bill Monroe, Mac Wiseman, and Don Reno 1960

This is a live show recorded at Newport Folk Festival in 1960.

Bill Monroe - mandolin, vox
Mac Wiseman - guitar, vox
Don Reno - banjo, vox
Mac Magaha? - fiddle
? - bass

Travelling Down this Lonesome Road
Can't You Hear Me Calling
Will You Be Loving Another Man
When He Reached Down His Hand for Me
I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
Bluegrass Stomp
When You're Lonely
Lonesome Road Blues

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Doc & Carl and the Carter Sisters WRNL

Here are 4 transcribed radio shows of Doc & Carl and the Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle from WRNL in Richmond, VA from 1944. Doc Addington and Maybelle Carter were brother and sister. Doc is said to have taught Maybelle a good deal of picking on the guitar.

Doc Addington - guitar, vox
Carl McConnell - banjo, vox
Maybelle Carter - guitar, vox
Anita Carter - bass, vox
Helen Carter - accordian, vox
June Carter - vox, comedy

The Cope Brothers - King & Federal Records

I don't know anything about these except the obvious. They're great!

Gathering Buds
I'll Have a New Life
Hills of Roane County
Don't You Cry Over Me
Mary Dear
Wednesday Night Waltz
Knoxville Girl
She Sleeps Beneath the Norris Dam
The Old Country Church
My Main Trial is Yet To Come

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Charlie Poole & the Alleghany Highlanders

Few realize that Charlie Poole preferred to have a piano in his music. Columbia A&R man, Frank Walker, didn't like a piano in a stringband so he didn't allow Poole to use one as much as he would have liked. So, in between May 8th and May 11th 1929, Charlie Poole and his small ensemble, The Alleghany Highlanders, recorded 12 sides for Brunwick and Paramount Records collectively.

Paramount sides:
Under the Double Eagle
Richmond Square
Flop Eared Mule
Lynchburg Town
San Antonio
What is Home Without Babies
Tennessee Blues
May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister

Brunswick sides:
Trip to New York Parts 1-4

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freddie Rose

Some of you may recognize this guy's name immediately, but for those who don't, this is Fred Rose, the Rose of Acuff-Rose Publishing who achieved much recognition in the 1940s and 1950s for his authorship and/or publishing of tons of country music hits. Before Rose got into publishing and writing country music, he was apparently an excellent pianist and singer. These recordings make me wonder if he even liked country music. I hope all you historians will enjoy this. Not country, but this is great music!

Check this out for a fasinating biographical sketch of Fred Rose:

So Tired Brunswick 3714 Rec'd Nov. 1927
Highways are Happy Ways Brunswick 3714 Rec'd Nov. 1927
Honest and Truly Brunswick 3768 Rec'd Dec. 1927
You Left Me So Blue Brunswick 4832 Rec'd May 1930
Just Another Night with You Brunswick 4832 Rec'd May 1930

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlie Monroe - Noonday Jamboree 1944

County 538 & 539

2 LPs from radio transcriptions of Charlie Monroe and his Kentucky Pardners in 1944.

Charlie Monroe - guitar, vox
Paul Prince - fiddle
Tex Isley? - electric guitar
Lester Flatt - mandolin, vox
Gladys Flatt - guitar, vox
Helen Osborne - banjo, vox
Birch Monroe - fiddle?, vox

These LPs should cover four full radio shows.

Fiddlin Arthur Smith and his Dixieliners

Here's one of Fiddlin Arthur Smith's 1960s Starday LPs: Rare Old Time Fiddle Tunes
Accompanied by his son: Earnest Smith

Orange Blossom Special
Paris Waltz
Dixieliner's Ramble
North Carolina Breakdown
Cumberland Waltz
Dickson County Blues
K.C. Stomp
Indian Creek
Darling Honey
Whistler's Fever
Maple Leaf Waltz
Tulsa Hop
Cheatham County Hoedown

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Eddie Alford and the Virginia Mountain Boys

Eddie Alford - guitar, vox
Johnny Daniels - fiddle, vox
Burnie Wright - mandolin
Alfred Holderfield - banjo
John Palmer - bass
Don Reno - guitar on Red Bird

Recorded at Reno & Smiley's studio in Trouville, VA 1959

Red Bird
Answer Yes or No

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Early UpChurch and the Friendly Quartet

Home In the Hills Lp and an ARC 45.

Early UpChurch was a local gospel singer from somewhere around southwest VA or maybe Northern North Carolina. I think that he performed some on Radio Station WPAQ in Mt. Airy, NC. My information on UpChurch is all very hazy, but he put out some good old time gospel music.

He'll Part the Water
God Laid His Hand on My Heart
Where the Shades of Love
Golden Slippers
Paul's Ministry
Sinner's Dream
I Want to Be a Blessing
I Know My Lord
Lord Keep My Humble
Cross of Redemption
If You See My Saviour
Angels Rock Me to Sleep

Deliverance Will Come
Mansions in Heaven

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Chestnut Grove Quartet - The Great Beyond LP

This is one of the many small-label albums that the Chestnut Grove Quartet put out.

Just Over Yonder
That's the Reason
The Great Beyond
My Lord Delivered Me
I've Got a Mansion Over in Glory
I've Got a Bit of Heaven in My Soul
The Love of God
I Sail By
His Tomb is Empty
Oh What a Glad Day
I Want to Get Right
Let Me Live Close to Thee

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Bailes Brothers - Avenue of Prayer - AudioLab LP

This is an extremely rare LP. I don't have the album myself, just the music from it. So no jacket scan. Sorry. Enjoy the music

Building on the Sand
The Hand Writing is on the Wall
Goodbye Hallelujah Goodbye
That's What We Need
Avenue of Prayer
Watch and Pray
There's a Difference
Romans Ten & Nine
Ashamed to Own the Blessed Saviour
Muddy Sea of Sin
God's Hand Rules the World
Jesus is the One

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Posey Rorer Complete Edison Recordings

Posey Rorer and his North Carolina Ramblers
Complete Edison Recordings
September 24, 1928

After parting ways with Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers likely in the early part of 1928, Posey went into the studios at Edison with his own band, which he also called the North Carolina Ramblers. The musicians at this session were Matt Simmons from Stokes County, NC on guitar and lead vocals, Frank Miller singing tenor, and Posey on fiddle.

Seven sides from this session were either rejected or unissued, and two were issued only on cylinder records. In this download are all twelve sides from the masters.

We'll Understand It Better
Wild and Reckless Hobo
Blue Eyed Eller
Sweet Sunny South Take Me Home
I'll Meet My Mother After All
Did You Mean Those Words You Said
As We Sat Beneath the Maple
The Drunkard's Dream
Down in a Georgia Jail
Beautiful Beckoning Hands
He's Coming Back Again
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

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