Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ed Helton Singers

Now here's some great old time singing! I have no information of this group. Its safe to assume that they were probably from East TN, West NC, East WV or Southwest VA because this was recorded in Johnson City, TN on October 18, 1928. These are the only sides that they cut.

One thing I should note: Their version of My Old Cottage Home predates the Carter Family's recording of it by 2 and a half years.

Great stuff! ENJOY!

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The Cauley Family

Here are all the issued Cauley Family records for ARC. They were recorded August 7-9, 1934 in New York, NY. According to the discography, only the first four sides in this post were issued, however a friend of mine ran accros a copy of the record that is pictured above. Apparently, this record was issued, though it is listed as unissued in the discography. This is probably because this pressing was made especially for a retailer with a chain of a few stores in Virginia and North Carolina. That is what the prefix JL stands for. The initials of the man who owned the chain of stores was J.L. and he was actually the person who took the Cauleys to New York to record. In the discography, however, it does list Grey Eagle and Darling Nellie Gray/Little Brown Jug as issued under JL-100. The supposedly-unissued record found here is JL-103, so it would be safe to assume that JL-102 is the Cauley Family as well, and likely more supposedly-unissued sides, but I know of no copies of JL-102 that exist. Maybe some collectors out there can turn that up. But at this point, this is all that there is to offer of the Cauley Family!! So Enjoy!!!

Roland Cauley - fiddle, slide guitar, vox
? Cauley - banjo, vox
Lake Howard - guitar, vox

Wayne County Blues
Mississippi Sawyer/Soldier's Joy
Seaboard Waltz
Duplin County Blues
Grey Eagle
Darling Nellie Gray/Little Brown Jug
New River Train
Lumberton Wreck

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Just letting everyone know. I have reuploaded the Ralph Stanley 1967 Jalyn lp and the Carl Story Spar lp.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Roy Harvey - Goodbye Mary Dear - Champ 16331

This song was recorded June 3, 1931 in Richmond, IN.

Roy Harvey - guitar, vox
Jess Johnston - fiddle
Bernice Coleman - fiddle
Ernest Branch - banjo, vox

In all Roy Harvey reissues that have been done, this side has never showed up nor has it been listed in the Harvey discographies. On page 411 in Tony Russell's "Country Music Records," this side (17783) is listed as Goodbye Maggie, Goodbye Darling. However the song before that, "By a Cottage in the Twilight" (17782), is the same song as "Goodbye Maggie, Goodbye Darling." So somewhere along the way 17783 got mislabeled in the discography. Maybe that is why this song has never showed up in any reissues. There is a possibility that this is the only known copy of this record as well, and the illegibility of the label could have easily caused it to be mistaken for "Goodbye Maggie, Goodbye Darling."

Anyway, here it is and I hope you'll enjoy it even though it is very rough and has a skip in the middle of the second verse.