Friday, October 23, 2009

Allen Sisson - Complete Recorded Works

Well, I think it's about darn time I put up another post here. I've been dealing with the record transferer's burn-out here lately.

Thanks to fellow collector, Kilby Spencer, I now have the complete recorded works of Allen Sisson. Born August 31, 1873, he is one of the oldest recorded old time fiddlers in America. He was originally from Fannin County, GA but spent a good many years in Ducktown, TN.

I have taken a lot of time with these recordings to assure that they are at the correct speed. There is a little bit of variance in them, but they are quite close to where they should be. I hope that you all will enjoy these sides.

Edison session pianist, John F. Burckhardt, is Sisson's backup on these sides.

February 25, 1925 New York, NY Edison Session
3 sides
February 26, 1925 New York, NY Edison Session
7 sides

I've reuploaded the file, hopefully the problems are gone.
Click Here to Download


  1. Great post buddy!! I been trying to get this stuff for a while, but only have found 1 78. I`m also interested in Jasper Bisbee and I do have 3 of his 78`s. Also sort of interested in John Baltzell.

  2. I just looked in the discography book and hadn`t realized they only issued 3 of Bisbee`s 78`s. I`ll try to transfer them soon and post them.

  3. For some reason only 22 seconds of Sally Brown plays.

  4. Thank you for an interesting post. Sally Brown Jig reported a broken file on unzipping and I also found it was only the first 20 odd seconds.

  5. The re-loaded file all works now. The tracks have great sound.

  6. Oooh my oh my, thank you Jeremy.

  7. Great stuff, thanks for making this available

  8. Just got around to grabbing and listening to this one. Sisson was definitely a very talented fiddler. Thank you so much for making this and so many other obscure artists from the past available.

  9. the file seems to contains tracks by wilmer watts?

  10. Any chance of checking the files again at this late date? I too see Wilmer Watts instead of Allen Sisson. Thanks for the great blog.


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