Sunday, February 22, 2009

H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers

Here are some of Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers' Brunswick recordings from 1929.

Fred Roe - fiddle
Jim E. Smith - fiddle
Frank Williams - fiddle
Frank Wilson - slide guitar
Lonnie Austin - piano
Harry Brown? - mandolin
Jack Reedy? - banjo
Henry Roe - guitar

Golden Slippers
Blue Ridge Ramblers' Rag
Honolulu Stomp
Three O'Clock in the Morning
Repaz Band March
Our Director March
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Lineman's Serenade
Golden Slippers
Old Joe Clark
Who Broke the Lock on the Hen House Door
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain


  1. Jeremy, do you still have this uploaded elsewhere?


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