Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Simon Bowes and Carolina Champions

Here's a couple of good 45s of some bluegrass musicians from my area. I don't know much about these records. I'm sorry I don't have a photo to go with these.

Simon Bowes - vocals, ?
Jane Hawker - vocals
Carlton Carver - banjo

Mary Lou Rag
They Poisoned You Mind About Me
Living in a World of Make Believe
Too Deep in Heartaches

Click Here to Download:


  1. These folks were gods where I come from which is Roxboro NC..Simon and Early Bowes...David Davis on lead vocals, who wrote Poisoned your mind and most of the other tunes...I used to pick alot with David and several of the other folks..Simon played guitar as well as David Davis, Early Bowes, Simon's brother on mandolin...and if i am not mistaken Benny jarrell wa sin there somewhere :-)

    Your old pal Travers Chandler

  2. Hi Jeremy. Mediafire deleted the file. Could you upload those sides again, please?



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