Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uncle Eck Dunford

Here are all the sides that were issued under Eck Dunford's name. I've also included a few extra sides that I really felt needed to be included here. I hope you'll enjoy these. It's a riot just to listen to him talk!

The Whippoorwill's Song
What Will I Do When Money's All Gone
Barney McCoy
Sleeping Late
My First Bicycle Ride
The Taffy Pulling Party
The Savingest Man on Earth
Skip to My Lou
Sweet Summer Has Gone Away
Angeline the Baker
Old Shoes and Leggin's
Going Up the Mountain After Liquor Parts 1 and 2


  1. Thanks. if you don't mind i'll post some of this tracks on my blog "The Old Weird America" to complete my post about Uncle Eck.

  2. Thanks! I'll do the same to my blog www.whosheardofthisstuff.blogspot.com (and don't worry, I'll give you credit!)

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