Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roy Acuff 1951 Recordings

Here's some of Roy Acuff best recordings in my opinion.

Roy Acuff - vox
Benny Martin - fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar
Pete Kirby - dobro, banjo, vox
Joe Zinkan - guitar
Jimmie Riddle - harmonica
Oral Rhodes - bass
LeCroy Sisters - singing on Ten Little Numbers

Bald Knob Arkansas
A Plastic Heart
Advice to Joe
When My Money Run Out
Your Address Unknown
The Southbound Train
Pliney Jane
Don't Hang Your Dirty Linen on My Line
I'll Be Alone
Doug MacArthur
In the Shadow of the Smokies
She Isn't Guaranteed
Wonder Is All I Do
Just A Friend
Ten Little Numbers
Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
My Tears Don't Show

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  1. Realy good material Thanks
    Jimmie Riddle is one of my favorite artists.

  2. Jeremy,

    Thanks so much for your blog! Can you please solve a mystery for me and many others?

    I have wondered for years when, where and who created this particular Roy Acuff recording of Wabash Cannonball Ball, info such as where recorded, by whom and perhaps even what model tape machine they used.

    When I was very young in the 1960s, it was on an album my parents had, the album was a product of the Country Music Association, album number 'CMA712'

    The version on this album was extremely whittled down in length. Thankfully, it is online in its full length at:

    I am sure you find the answers to this Enigma of a Recording!