Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Charlie Monroe - Starday LPs

Here are two LPs that Charlie Monroe recorded during his retirement from the music industry. The first LP, Charlie Monroe Sings Again, was recorded somewhere around 1960 for Bob Mooney at REM Records. The second LP, Lord Build Me a Cabin, I assume was recorded at about the same time, but I'm not sure about this. In fact, I have no concrete information on the latter LP. I assume also that the personnel is the same on both records.

Charlie Monroe - guitar, vocal
J.D. Crowe - banjo
Bob Joslin - fiddle
Ed Stacey - bass
Kenny Whalen - electric guitar

Sings Again LP
Down in the Willow Garden
Pententiary Blues
We'll Love Again Sweetheart
Phonograph Record
My Mother's White Rose
Nobody Cares For Me
Old Kentucky Bound
Down in Caroline
Walking With You in My Dreams
So Blue
Farewell Bennie, Dear
Banjo Player's Blues

Lord Build Me a Cabin LP
Lord Build Me a Cabin
Shake Hands With Mother
I Feel Like a Stranger
Sing Sing Sing
I Live in Glory
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
I'm Going That Way
Wait For the Light to Shine
Child of the King
Working on a Building
I've Changed My Mind
Won't We Have a Good Time

Click Here to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdhzidfmyye


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