Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bill Harrell and the Virginians

Here's a great LP by Bill Harrell and his Virginian from the early 1960s. In my opinion, this album represents some of Bill Harrell's greatest recordings. You may notice a tune on this album called Signal of the Banjo. Well this is more popularly known as Banjo Signal: popularized by Don Reno. This is played on this record, by Smiley Hobbs, the writer of the tune. Signal of the Banjo is also the original title of the tune.

Bill Harrell - guitar, vocals
Smiley Hobbs - mandolin, banjo, vocal
Smitty Irvin - banjo
Buck Ryan - fiddle
? - bass
? - twelve string guitar

The Legend of Jesse James
Orange Blossom Special
Banjo Bill
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy
Polly, Pretty Polly
Eatin' Out of Your Hand
Copper Kettle
Black Jack Davey
Signal of the Banjo
I Dipped in the Sugar Bowl
Will You Be Lovin' Another Man
Flower Blooming in the Wildwood
A Good Woman's Love

Click Here to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?mm2hm5ighyw


  1. Hello Jeremy
    guess the bass player is Stoney Edwards according to a Bluegrass friend from southern Gernmany.Look also to this site:http://dcbu.org/bharrell.htm

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Thanks a lot for posting. We lost Bill a couple of months ago rip.


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