Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grey Craig & the New North Carolina Ramblers

Grey Craig was an old time fiddler from Mountain Valley, VA, near Martinsville. Here are some recordings of him recorded in the 1970s.

Though not on the recordings, the mandolin player pictured is Buck Easley of Eden, NC.

Grey Craig - fiddle
Doug Rorrer - guitar
Kinney Rorrer - banjo, vox

Whitehouse Blues
Bill Cheatham
Pike County Breakdown
Walking In My Sleep
If I Lose, I Don't Care
Christmas Times A Comin'
Fiddle Tune?
Fourteen Days in Georgia
Orange Blossom Special


  1. This is wonderful to have! I'd only heard Grey Craig on a couple of cuts on the blueridge Barndance LP. BTW, those A tunes sound like rye Straw & Salt River.

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