Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Four Virginians

Here is a group of old timers from my area. This is an 8-track tape that they made in the 1970s sometime. Some of you might interested to know that this band recorded in 1927 for Okeh Records. The personnel was not the same; in fact I think the only member that was at the Okeh session was Richard "Jim" Bigger, the fiddler. This music is an excellent example of the Piedmont style of old time music found in South Central Virginia.

You banjo enthusiasts might be interested to know that the banjo player on this is Posey Roach. Jim Mills now owns Posey's 1940 RB-75. He recorded with it on his album, Hide Head Blues.

Richard Bigger - fiddle
Posey Roach - banjo
J. Creer - guitar
G. Gover - guitar

Old Joe Clark
Fourteen Days In Georgia
Red Wing
Give Me the Flowers While I Live
Under the Double Eagle March
Lonesome Road Blues
Golden Slippers
Richmond Cotillion
My Darling Nellie Gray
May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister
Over the Waves Waltz
Home Sweet Home
Dark Town Strutters Ball

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  1. Tracks 11 and 12 ("Over The Waves Waltz" and "Home, Sweet Home") are incorrect..."Waves" plays "Home" and vice versa.

    Otherwise, you have a great blog...

    Thanks for posting!