Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shannon Grayson & The Golden Valley Boys

Here are some fine recordings from Shannon Grayson and the Golden Valley Boys. Shannon Grayson's banjo playing is very fasinating in that it is very similar the Don Reno's at least in his roll patterns. If you took Don Reno's style and stripped it down to it's foundation, what would be left is almost exactly what you hear in Shannon Grayson. These recordings remind me a lot of the gospel recordings made at Reno and Smiley's first session in 1952 as well.

Shannon Grayson - banjo, lead vox
Dewey Price - guitar, tenor vox
Millard Pressley - mandolin, baritone vox
Harvey Raborn - bass vox
unknown - bass, steel guitar

Sunset of Time Is Drawing Near
Someday In Heaven I'll Be
If You Don't Love Your Neighbor
The Secret Weapon
Just Let Me Travel Alone
Since His Sweet Love Has Rescued Me
Works Is All I Hear
I'm Keeping the Roses
I'm Gonna Walk On
I Like the Old Time Way
Pray the Clouds Away
Childhood Dreams

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