Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Early UpChurch and the Friendly Quartet

Home In the Hills Lp and an ARC 45.

Early UpChurch was a local gospel singer from somewhere around southwest VA or maybe Northern North Carolina. I think that he performed some on Radio Station WPAQ in Mt. Airy, NC. My information on UpChurch is all very hazy, but he put out some good old time gospel music.

He'll Part the Water
God Laid His Hand on My Heart
Where the Shades of Love
Golden Slippers
Paul's Ministry
Sinner's Dream
I Want to Be a Blessing
I Know My Lord
Lord Keep My Humble
Cross of Redemption
If You See My Saviour
Angels Rock Me to Sleep

Deliverance Will Come
Mansions in Heaven

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  1. Jeremy,
    Early was the father of my uncle (by marriage). He was from Mt. Airy, and lived most his life around Mt. Airy, Piper's Gap, and Galax. His son (my uncle Roger Upchurch) still has Early's Gibson Blueridge flat top. Roger is a very good travis/atkins picker playing mostly gospel music now. Early's daughter is Kathy Edmonds who sings for the Gospel Light Trio, and works for WPAQ and the other stations around here. Thanks for sharing this!
    See you around,
    Andy E.

  2. Early gets a mention in the musical: "Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming"--a bluegrass gospel musical. Burl, the father of the gospel singing family in the show, introduces "Ready Now to Go" with the line: "We got this next arrangement from our friend Early Upchurch from up in Mt. Airy."

  3. Any idea when this lp was recorded/released. I remember playing the old song "Paul's Ministry" for dear ole Sis Wilson almost 40 years ago.

  4. Hello all. My dad keeps talking about a singer from the 60s maybe early 70s called "little kathy upchurch". Any relation to Early here?

  5. I am Kathy Upchurch Edmonds, Early's youngest daughter. I live in Mt. Airy and have all my life. Daddy passed away on January 1st, 1990, but his music lives on. Thanks for your continued interest in his music. You can email me at