Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buddy Rose - Down Home Pickin

Here's a really great bluegrass banjo album by a really great not-so-well-known banjo picker, Buddy Rose. To my knowledge, Rose played with Carl Sauceman and Carl Story at the time this album was recorded. I don't have any personnel for this album at all. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know. It was likely recorded in Salem, VA, because it is on the Dominion label which was Jack Mullins' label and they were based in Salem.

Bud's Tune
Florida Blues
Nashville Skyline Rag
Swanee River
Sally Goodwin
Flint Hill Special
Bud's Chimes
Sally Ann
Careless Love
Fireball Mail
Farewell Blues
Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Click Here to Download


  1. I think at least some of the personal are Tater Tate on fiddle and Hershal Sizemore on Mandolin.

  2. I think at least some of the personal are Tater Tate on fiddle and Hershal Sizemore on Mandolin.

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  5. Pete Elegant who these days is most known as the bass man for The Feinberg Brothers was a banjo student of Buddy Rose around the time this record was made. He made a Facebook post about this record and Buddy 11/3/2017 in which he stated, "... [the album is] featuring the VERY BEST musicians Tater Tate, Herschel Sizemore , Gordon Reid , I think the bass man was Edwin Farmer.. but I am not 100 percent sure on that."