Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wade Mainer - First Time in Stereo LP

Here's a Wade Mainer album that you don't see very often. I will assume that it was probably Wade's first album for Old Homestead. This album was recorded in November 1971. Interestingly, it is titled "First Time in Stereo," however that is not accurate because Wade and Julia Mainer's last session for King in 1961 that featured Red Wilson on fiddle was recorded in stereo, and it is one of Wade's best sessions in my opinion. It may be that the 1961 King session was never issued in stereo by 1971, but it was definetely recorded in stereo. This session is available on 2 cd set, Wade Mainer: I'm Not Looking Backward.

Mama You're Awful Mean to Me
Rubber Dolly
Little Pal
Dream of a Miner's Child
Worried Man Blues
Sally Goodwin
I'll Be a Friend to Jesus
Speckled Top Shoes
Lonesome Road Blues
Sparkling Blue Eyes
This World Is Not My Home
Wild Bill Jones
Sourwood Mountain
Clear Title To a Mansion

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  1. thanks for this. I used to have a bunch of old homestead tapes of Wade when I was young (and living near Old Homestead's home of Brighton, MI) but I don't remember this one. Quite excited, especially since its not all gospel.


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  4. This is a nice album. Old Homestead did us all a favor by recording Wade and Julia over the years.