Monday, April 4, 2011

Dick Devall - Timely Tunes 1563

Here's a great record. If you ever wanted to know what real cowboy singing was like, well I bet this is about as close to that as you'll ever find. This is Dick Devall doing two old cowboy songs. This is the real deal: inaccompanied singing. This is probably what they sounded like singing out west is 1849. Great Authentic Stuff!!

Tom Sherman's Barroom

Out on the Lone Star Cow Trail


  1. Thanks Jeremy for all of the great and rare 78s today! This one is especially good for a couple of reasons. First, we had Western Week at VMIMC last week and I had posted some Jules Allen. This is another authentic cowboy as well. Second, as a record collector, I get excited whenever I see anything on this label, for my tastes even more than the QRS.

    So thank you very much for these.


  2. Glad to have you back, Jeremy! 'Tom Sherman's Barroom' is the most spectacular piece of singing I've ever heard. The first time was when the Victor Vintage reissue LP came out, at which time there were only three known copies, although some others have shown up since. This is overwhelmingly great stuff.. Thanks.

  3. This is great, can't say I've heard singing like this before. How did you dig up this gem?

    dj nyc

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